“Untiny URL” - Another WP7 Utility Application in Marketplace

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My 3rd Windows Phone 7 application called “Untiny URL” is now available in WP7 Marketplace. This application extracts the shortened URL and previews the complete URL in the screen.


Don’t forget to try it out and provide your valuable ratings and feedback in the marketplace. Find out more about the application and marketplace URL.


“Untiny URL” is a small utility application which extracts the shortened URL and previews the complete URL. It has ability to copy the URL or open the URL in browser.


It supports the following shortening services:
tiny.pl, tinyurl.com, is.gd, twurl.nl, bit.ly, ping.fm, snurl.com, snipr.com, snipurl.com, metamark.net, xrl.us, url.ie, wapurl.co.uk, url.co.uk, rubyurl.com, minilien.com, easyurl.net, yep.it, x.se






Last but not least, don’t forget to rate the app and share your reviews, which will encourage me to provide much better applications for you in future. Thank you well in advance for your continuous support.

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