Microsoft Surface won’t Turn ON - Now what to do?

I just faced an issue with my Surface RT device. I was unable to turn on the device though it was completely charged. Though I had no idea about the issue but I was guessing about the Power Switch issue. Did a lot of stuffs, searching online etc. but nothing help.


Finally I tweeted about the issue and got a reply which helped me to turn on the device. If you came to this page just because your Surface is not turning on, this post will help you.



Keep passion to check out few steps to know the status of your Surface RT or Surface Pro. It might be battery issue, power button issue or something internal. If it is an internal circuit issue, you will need servicing of your device. So, before taking your device to a service centre, check out the following points first:

    1. If you are unable to turn on your Surface, first make sure that, your device is not running out of battery. If your battery already drained out, charge it for at least 15 minutes and try it again. Make sure that the power supply LED is lighting while charging the device.
    2. Check pressing the power button multiple times but if it still won’t turn on, press and hold the Power button for 10-15 seconds and this time, it should show up the Surface logo in the screen and you will be able to boot.
    3. If it still won’t boot up, I am sorry to say that, your device will now need a servicing. To request a service online, check out the Surface Online Service Centre.

In my case, the second case worked smoothly. I just had to hold the Power button for 10 – 15 seconds and that worked. Thanks to Todd Knudsen for sharing this trick to me on Twitter and hence I thought to share the same in this blog post. If you came to this by searching for a solution online, give a special thanks to Todd below.

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  1. Wow, thanks for it :) Helps me too..

  2. I purchased the first Surface Pro tablet back in the spring of 2013 and never had a problem with it. When the new Surface Pro 2 came out, I passed my first tablet to someone on my staff and purchased the new Pro 2 on November 18, 2013. After using my Pro 2 for about 2 or 3 weeks, on December 12, 2013 my new Pro 2 wouldn't start that morning. Black screen with no response after fully charging. I tried everything but nothing worked. So I returned the Pro 2 to Best Buy and after repeated attemps by the Geek Squad to restart the Pro 2, they swapped it out for a new Pro 2 and it worked great until December 14, 2013 (2 days)! Then I experienced the same issue with the second new Pro 2... black screen, no response except that I noticed that the keyboard was lighting up. I again tried all the suggested fixes and again no response. I took the keyboard off and disconnected the charger and again tried to restart the Pro 2. Again nothing! Then after about 10 minutes I had given up and decided to just take it back to Best But as a return and get my money back. I snapped the keyboard back on and suddenly my Pro 2 came alive!!!!!! I was shocked and logged back in to my tablet and started searching around and everything seems fine. Still working after 20 minutes so I can't explain why it did this or why it suddenly came back to life. I still want answers from Microsoft on what's going on with this inconsistent issue. I've logged this issue with Microsoft and if I don't hear back from them on the logged issue soon with an explanation that makes sense or a guaranteed fix, I will return the Pro 2 and buy another brand!

  3. Thank you for that keyboard tip! It just worked for me in getting my Surface RT to start. :-)


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