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Windows 10 Technical Preview is already there and I hope, many of you already installed in your device(s) and tried it out. It’s still in development stage and little bit unfinished or buggy. Hence, if you want to revert back your OS after installing the preview release, this post will help you to do so.


In this post, we will cover how to rollback your Windows 10 Technical Preview installation for phone to Windows Phone 8.x (8.0 or 8.1, based on the availability for your device).

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While there is a massive tug of war between Android and iOS, Windows is slowly moving up by bringing out it’s game. Windows is already the software of choice when it comes to powering laptops, desktop, netbooks and tablets and is now hoping to get the same affection in the mobile world as well.

With a host of apps under Windows Phone 8, your phone can be transformed to perform great tasks to save time and effort and get you everything you require at the tips of your fingers.

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Last week it was a busy schedule and I hope, all of you watched the //BUILD/2015 event either in-person, live streaming or by visiting the CH9 site. There are couple of announcements made during the event and I am composing today’s post based on that.


Are you following this channel to know the latest and greatest happening in Microsoft platform? Do write a small feedback below. Read more to find out this week’s interesting links.

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