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Microsoft announced that the company is now rolling out an approval request app to Microsoft Teams. Once installed, you can quickly start an approval flow directly from the Microsoft Teams chat or a channel conversation. The other party will be notified for approval.


According to Microsoft, the "Approval Request" app will be automatically installed in Microsoft Teams, and by mid of this month it will be generally available to everyone.

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Microsoft Teams is now one of the most popular platforms heavily used in several organizations. It offers employees to communicate with colleagues, transfer files, and stay connected within the teams. Though it is mainly focused to use within the organization, you can also communicate with people outside your organization.


In this post, we will learn how to enable your team to communicate with people (guests) outside your organization. The guests in Microsoft Teams will be covered by the same compliance and auditing protection.

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Microsoft Teams getting many new features these days and becoming one of the popular business communication platforms. It is also getting deep integration to the Windows 10 operating system. With this effort, Microsoft is now allowing you to change the desktop notification style of Microsoft Teams.


If you are not liking the default purple notification style of Microsoft Teams, here's how you can change it to native Windows 10 style notifications.

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Microsoft announces the launch of the Microsoft Teams Public Preview program. The announcement made to align it with the Microsoft 365 deployment channels. And also to make it clearer for existing insiders to choose the right experience for them. Microsoft said that the actual availability of the new program will be later this week.


Are you interested to be part of this public preview program for Microsoft Teams? Then continue reading to learn how you can join the Microsoft Teams public preview channel.

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Just like all other months, Microsoft detailed all the new features and improvements the company made to Microsoft Teams in the month of November 2020. It was a big update to Microsoft Teams that includes enhancements to the meeting experience, chat features, new devices, and more.


If you are eagerly waiting to learn what has been newly added and improved in the latest update of Microsoft Teams, continue reading the post further.

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Microsoft is working on a new feature for Microsoft Teams that will intelligently remove the unwanted background noise in real-time. The feature is said to be using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to filter out all unwanted noises during the Microsoft Teams call.


Microsoft said that it's an improvement to the existing noise suppression feature and users will now have more control over how much noise suppression they want.

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Microsoft announced the rollout of the new Tasks app for Microsoft Teams, which provides a new unified view of both personal and team tasks within the app by consolidating tasks across Microsoft To-Do, Teams, Planner, and Outlook.


The rollout is currently happening to a small group of users, and will gradually roll out globally by September 2020. Did you get the new update? Check out its features.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the IT companies moved to a WFH (Work From Home) option to safeguard their employees as well as providing support customers. In the long run, Microsoft Teams is becoming a popular platform for corporates to communicate and interact with the team members.


To make it to the next level, Microsoft announces a new feature called "Together Mode" that will make the virtual interactions more natural by using AI segmentation technology and placing the participants in a shared background.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, as many organizations allowed their employees to work from home, Microsoft Teams became an important application for teams to meet and collaborate online. Microsoft supported them by providing regular feature updates to Microsoft Teams.


Recently the company released a new update that adds two new features to the free version of the popular app. With this new update, free users can now schedule meetings and enable live captions during the meetings.

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Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Teams user can now integrate Yammer by installing the "Communities" app from the Teams App Store. This will give organizations to better connect with their people globally.


The Yammer Communities app is now available. To know more, and to install the Yammer on Microsoft Teams, continue reading further.

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