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"Articles of the day" @ ASP.Net on Interactive ToolTip using Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tool

imageThis is definitely a great start of the day, when I received a mail from DotNetFunda.com saying one of my Article “Interactive ToolTip using Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tool” has been selected as “Article of the Day” at Microsoft Official ASP.Net site: http://www.asp.net/community


Choose the way to Create a Silverlight Out-of-Browser Application

In all of my earlier articles on Silverlight Out-of-Browser (OOB) applications, I demonstrated you creating the OOB application using Visual Studio. There are plenty of steps you have to follow there. Today I found another way to change the settings for it.




In this post, I am going to discuss about both the processes and at the end tell me which one is best & simple.

Simplest way to Create a Non-Movable Silverlight Child Window

Are you looking for a Silverlight Child Window, which can’t move from it’s actual position? Then this article will help you to understand & create a non-movable child window in Silverlight.


Child Window is available inside the System.Windows.Controls.dll assembly. By default, it is movable. You can drag the Title Bar of the Window and position it anywhere in the screen. But, you may face some situation when you need to fix the position of the Window by restricting the user to drag it. So, how will you do this?


In this article, I will show you the simplest mechanism to make your child window not movable.

Beginners Guide to Visual Studio LightSwitch (Part–1)

imageVisual Studio LightSwitch is a new tool for building data-driven Silverlight Application using Visual Studio IDE. It automatically generates the User Interface for a DataSource without writing any code. You can write a small amount of code also to meet your requirement.

Recently, I got some time to explore Visual Studio LightSwitch. I created a small DB application with proper data inserting UI within a small amount of time (without any XAML or C# code).

Here in this article, I will guide you to understand it with the help of a small application. There will be a series of articles on this topic regularly. Read the complete article to learn about creating a Silverlight data driven application with the help of Visual Studio LightSwitch.

Announcing Winner for the Telerik JustCode License Giveaway

Few days ago, I started a Giveaway of Telerik JustCode License (only for one Developer) which prices around $249. Very few responses I received and from that too, it was very difficult for me to select the Winner.


Telerik JustCode is an agile development add-in for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 that enhances .NET development productivity by providing blazing fast solution-wide, on-the-fly code analysis and error checking, smart code navigation and refactoring features.


In this thread, I am going to declare the Winner. Read to know more about it.

Some Best Practices for C# Application Development (Explained)

Few days ago, in one my earlier post, I listed “Some Best Practices for C# Application Development” from my past few years experience, which got a huge hit by my readers. I got several feedbacks on that too. Many of my readers gave valued suggestions too.


In this article, I will discuss most of those points. I will keep this article regularly updated with new best coding practices. Hope, I will get more feedbacks and/or suggestions here too.

How to distribute a Silverlight OOB Application?

One of the new features introduced in Silverlight 4 is the silent installation of Silverlight Out-of-Browser application. This means, without user intervention, you can directly install them to their machines. You don’t have to open the browser window to install the OOB app. This is perfect for CD-ROM distribution. You can even automate the process from the CD/DVD media; if the user already has permission to auto run external media.

Here in this article, I will first create a simple OOB Silverlight application and then show you the steps to install it as OOB application silently from a CDROM device which will install the Silverlight runtime too, if it detects the absent of the same in user’s PC.

Silverlight FireStarter Live Streaming (#slfs10)

Silverlight Firestarter is a one day Global event, live streamed by Scott Guthrie and others. It will be held in Redmond on 2nd December 2010 from 8am to 5pm PST. Scott will start the Keynote at 9am PST.




The whole session will be conducted by Scott Guthrie, Jesse Liberty, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Mike Cook, Jossef Goldberg, Jaime Rodriguez and other. Join the session In-Person or online and learn more about the future of Silverlight.

Tips & Tricks: Styling Caret of a Silverlight TextBox Control

In this small Tips & Tricks, I will guide you changing the Style of Caret of a Silverlight TextBox control. It is very simple and you can easily do it using Visual Studio or Expression Blend. Here is a screenshot of the same:


In general, styling the caret is not require. But in some cases, you may need to change it to give your UI the look & feel of your entire application.

Proud to be a Microsoft Silverlight MVP – October 2010


Today Morning (1st October, 2010) when I noticed the mail with the Subject line: “Congratulations on receiving the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award”, I was really surprised. This is the biggest Award in my Life. I am really feeling very proud once I got the MVP Award from Microsoft.

How to execute a Local File using Html Application?

Did you ever want to run an application from your local resource inside your HTML page? If so, you will face some issues. It will never run any application from local resource directly. It may ask you to download the file before running it. This is due to browser security issue as the code runs inside the browser sandbox.


So, what to do for this? In this post, I will describe you the steps resolve to do this. Read the complete post in order to learn the same.

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