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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 camps now in your city. If you are in India, you can now join the WP7 Camps in 6 major cities across India. Starting from 17th February to 29th February it will happen in Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Trivandrum.


If you are in near by cities and want to join the camp, find the date and address in this post. Enjoy the event with Windows Phone influencers and learn more from them.

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Sometime we may need to download images from external location to our Windows Phone 7 Media Library. Few days ago, I tried to implement the same in one of my application. Initially, I thought that it is very easy to implement but later noticed the complexity. I did few R&D with Mayur Tendulkar to implement the same and came up with a solution. Thanks to Mayur for helping me out.


It this post, I will discuss the way of implementation of it with the full code snippet. Continue reading to check out the downloading mechanism of external images to Media Library.

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Busy Indicator is a tool which you can add in your Silverlight or WP7 application to show a loading indication to your user while doing some sort of operations. This is just to let the user know that something is going on.


Here in this article, we will learn how to use Telerik BusyIndicator control in your Windows Phone 7 and let the user know that some operations are going on in the background.

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Here comes the most popular 5 posts of the week (29th January 2012 to 4th February 2012) at silverlight-zone.com. This week most viewed posts were from Daniel Rubino, @f5Debug, SilverSpot, Barry Lapthorn and Joe Mayo.


Read more to find out the popular links read by the developer community. Don’t forget to follow @SilverlightZone on Twitter. Become a “Fan” of our Facebook Page by clicking the “Like” button to stay updated. Subscribe to our Newsletter in case you want to get digest mail notification.

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It’s time for you to sharpen your .Net Ninja skills. The latest Telerik release is just around the corner and Telerik has tons of new stuff to show off. If you are eager to see the new bits and sharpen your .NET skills, be sure to sign up for Release Webinar Week.


This 3-day event is packed with hour-long webinar sessions on the coolest new features shipping with the Q1 2012 release.  Release Webinar Week will be held on February 20 – 22, so mark your calendars and win some cool stuffs from Telerik.

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Here comes the “Monthly Summary” of January 2012. During January 2012, I have published 16 blog posts with mix of mood. In this post, sharing all the posts in category wise sorted for you, so that, you can find them easily from here.


January was a great month for me. Celebrated 1 yr. of silverlight-zone.com. My Telerik and Codeproject MVP awards were renewed in this month. Also, I had a chance to visit Florida to attend the Telerik Influencers Summit. It was a hectic time at the end of the month.

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This is another small guest post on SQL Server submitted by Joydeep Das. In the previous post, he described about "Join Hint in SQL".

In this post, he will guide you to illustrate the concepts of Database Compression on SQL Server 2008. It is the concepts behind the compression only. For details level of learning you need to follow the MSDN or any MS Notes.

Read more to understand the concept from Joydeep and don’t forget to ask your SQL Queries in the comments section.
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Here comes the weekly Silverlight-Zone digest for the week 15th January 2012 to 21st January 2012. This week major posts were on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

Popular posts were from Christine L., who showcased "Water ScrollViewer", a must read if you didn't yet read; followed by Steve Adey, Stephan Wick, @dotMorten and @mbcrump. Read the complete post to find out the popular 5's and links towards the daily news digest, if you missed any one issue, you can get it here.

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We all know the process to embed a Silverlight application inside a Webpage using div and object tag. When we create a new Silverlight application project, those tags automatically generates by the IDE inside the html and aspx pages.

In many cases we need to dynamically add the Silverlight application inside a webpage. In this post, we will learn the process to host it using JavaScript. Looks interesting? Read to know more.
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Pune User Group in association with Microsoft is hosting a 4 days FREE training program for technology professionals in Pune. In this training program, attendees will learn about application development for Microsoft Windows Phone devices.

Registration for this training program is absolutely FREE for any technology professional, who wants to learn Windows Phone Application Development. Continue reading this post to know more about this program, session agenda and venue details. At the end, submit 3 applications and claim your FREE Windows Phone 7 device. See you all there.
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Few days ago, I received an offer from uCertify to review their Exam Preparation Kit and then I started reviewing 70-515 Exam .NET 4.0 Preparation Kit (PrepKit) from uCertify. In the previous post “I am reviewing 70-515 Exam .NET 4.0 Preparation Kit from uCertify” I shared few information about the product and informed that, I will share in-depth report after the review period.


Today in this blog post, I am sharing the complete review report of the Preparation Kit. Read how it will help you to prepare yourself for the Exam. Also, there is a contest available for you. Participate in the contest to win a Free License from me.

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