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Introducing “dotPeek” - A free .NET Decompiler by JetBrains

JetBrains released a new Decompiler and Assembly Browser named “dotPeek” for .NET Application Developers. It is a FREE productivity tool which decompiles .NET 1.0 - .NET 4.5 assemblies to C# code and has support for .dll, .exe, .zip, .vsix, .nupkg, and .winmd files. It has many features like Quick jump, Effortless navigation, Support for downloading code from source servers and many more.


Continue reading the post to know details about the features and find the downloadable links. I have also embedded one video describing the features published by JetBrains.

WP7 Launchers and Choosers - A WP7Dev should know

Windows Phone 7 launchers and choosers enable users to perform common tasks in WP7 device by providing a consistent user experience throughout the Windows Phone application development platform. I already covered many of the Launchers and Choosers in my blog. On popular demand, I am sharing them in this single page post. I hope, this will be helpful for you to get started with the Windows Phone 7 launchers and choosers very quickly.


Let’s start discussing about launchers and choosers followed by links to all the launchers and choosers.

Learn about RadDiagnostics for retrieving Exception Details using the Telerik Controls for WP7

Telerik introduces a new component called “RadDiagnostics” in their Q1.2012 release. RadDiagnostics component enables an application developer to receive crash reports and other debugging information from the end user of the application.


As a WP7Dev, you may want to include a functionality in your application which will mail you the stack trace and other debugging information. This post will guide you to implement the same functionality in your Windows Phone app using the Telerik controls. Continue reading to learn more about it.

KolkataGeeks Present Kolkata Developer Conference (DevCon 2012) - 26th May 2012

Kolkata Geeks are pleased to announce Developer Conference 2012 on Saturday, May 26th. Developer Conference is the premier technical event for technology professionals at Kolkata interested in learning, connecting and exploring latest Microsoft technologies.


This is an In-Person community event and is absolutely free, no registration charges required. Register now and be there, enjoy the flavor of cutting edge Microsoft technologies and win lots of prizes. Read out more to find about the session details.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

I have two Windows Phone 7 devices, one of them is the HTC 7 Pro and the other one is the Nokia Lumia 800. I was using HTC 7 Pro for quite a long time but when I received Nokia Lumia 800 by participating in the Microsoft iUnlockJoy program, I am using that only.


Few people asked me to write a review on Windows mobile phones and hence I decided to write a small review on my current experience on Nokia Lumia 800. This post will cover specification of Nokia Lumia 800 and my review on that.

Learn about RadPhoneApplicationFrame for Page Animations using the Telerik Controls for WP7

Currently I am working on a Windows Phone 7 application using the Telerik controls and learning a little more bit about the controls present in their library. So, I thought to share the same in my blog for next few days. If you are using these controls, it will help you to learn very quickly.


As a WP7Dev, you might want to build a stunning application with an animation to the page navigation or orientation changes. This article will help you to do so by using the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7. Continue reading to learn more about the APIs and the implementation steps.

Monthly Summary - April 2012

Here comes the “Monthly Summary” post of April 2012. Last month I published 14 blog posts, among them 12 was on “How to” series of my Windows Phone 7 Tutorial for developers.


In this summary post I am going to share them in a single page, so that, you can find them very easily. Continue reading to find out all the Windows Phone 7 tutorial series. Don’t forget to check out the API implementations of the SDK in the “How to” posts.

How to Save Ringtones in WP7 using the SaveRingtoneTask?

Continuing my Windows Phone 7 Tutorials on Launchers and Choosers. Today in this blog post we will discuss about the Windows Phone 7 class named “SaveRingtoneTask”. We will first describe about the internal class implementation of the SDK itself. Later we will see how to implement it in your application.


Continue reading to learn about the API and code implementation. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedbacks at the end in the comments section. Also, share this to your friends/colleagues who might feel it useful too.

How to Share Links from WP7 to Social Networking Sites using the ShareLinkTask?

Do you want to create an application or game for your Windows Phone 7 that can share links to various social networking sites of users choice? Then this post will help you to integrate the same in your application.


Continue reading the complete post to know more about the API, the internal implementation of the WP7 SDK and the way to include it in your application. Don’t forget to share your feedback and if you like the post, please share it to others as this might be helpful for them too.

Download Free eBooks on Windows7

Today I received a great offer from my blog partner who is giving away few eBooks on "Windows 7" for my blog readers. In this post, I am going to share 3 FREE eBooks on the same topic. You can request to download by clicking the "Request Now" button


Stay tuned to get more free eBook offers on various topics.

Why VisualStudio is taking a huge time to Load Components while debugging?

Today while debugging a Silverlight application, I noticed that, my Visual Studio 2010 was taking too much time to load the referenced assemblies and the browser was freezing for some time while loading the XAP. First I thought that it is due to the solution file but after doing some investigation I noticed that it is happening for all Silverlight application.


Finally I found the solution and thought to share with you. In case you come across same situation, this post will help you to resolve it easily.

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