If you have some existing code files and want to club them in a single project/solution, adding those one by one to a project is time consuming. Do you know that Visual Studio provides you a wizard for doing this activity?


In this part of my Visual Studio Productivity Tips series, we will learn how to create a project and/or a solution from existing code.

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The latest version of Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.8) supports multiple carets. This means that, you can now create multiple insertion and selection points in your code file which will improve your productivity in certain conditions.


In this part of my Visual Studio Productivity Tips series, we will discuss how easy it is to add or delete code at multiple cursor positions.

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Microsoft released Windows 10 SDK Preview build 18272, which you can now download from the Microsoft server. This is the first SDK preview build released for the 19H1 development branch, meaning that it's for the next feature update for the OS.


Here you can download the latest preview build of Windows 10 Software Development Kit (SDK). You must be an Windows Insider to access this.

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It's more than a year, when .NET Standard 2.0 was announced by Microsoft. Now, time is to get an update to it with new features. Microsoft announces the next version of .NET Standard 2.1, which will include around 3K new APIs.


Apart from this announcement, Microsoft also announced that, anyone can now submit proposals for API additions and a review team will review those time to time.

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While working with Visual Studio, you may some time notice that, there are few Visual Studio commands which are not mapped with any keyboard shortcuts. Thus, working with such commands become very difficult as you need to navigate through the menus every time.


Do you know that, you can easily map custom shortcut keys to Visual Studio commands to ease your life? In this part of my Visual Studio Productivity Tips series, we will learn about the steps.

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Have you ever wanted to copy some text or images from one device and use that on another device? Microsoft now added this cross-device functionality to latest version of Windows 10. With the power of clipboard cloud-sync, you can now easily perform copy-paste across your synced devices.


Here's how to enable clipboard history and clipboard cloud-sync feature on Windows 10, so that, you can copy text/image from one device and paste it on another device.

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Visual Studio 2019 Preview build (version: 16.0.0 Preview 1) is now available online to download from Microsoft servers. The installer link was found by @WalkingCat, and before Microsoft removes it from the download server, you can now download it.


Lucky to grab the build on time. Sharing here few screenshots from Visual Studio 2019 (Early) Preview. Please note that, its not yet released by Microsoft.

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Mady Marinescu, from the Windows Defender Engineering team, in an official blog post announced that the Windows Defender Antivirus can now run in a sandbox to provide you extra security layer. With this development, its the first Antivirus solution which can run in a sandbox.


To know more about this capability and to learn how to enable this feature in Windows 10, continue reading this post.

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