The chromium powered Microsoft Edge not only allows you to create and manage multiple profiles but also adds the ability to switch the profile automatically (with a prompt) if it detects a link as personal or work-related. This feature is very useful to segregate personal and office related web browsing.


But what if your Microsoft Edge is not prompting you to switch between your personal and work profile, even if the profiles were already created? Let's learn how you can fix this issue easily.

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Windows 10 allows you to check for new updates by navigating to Update & Security | Windows Update from the Windows 10 "Settings" app. You can make it even easier by adding a new context menu item to your desktop. So, you can access it any time by right-clicking on your desktop and select "Check for updates".


Today in this short "how-to" series, we will learn how to add a new context menu entry to your Windows 10 desktop and make it easier to access the Windows Update page. Continue reading further.

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Last year, during the Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft announced the public preview of Visual Studio Codespaces which allowed developers to code from anywhere using a browser and the internet. Now the company has decided to retire it and migrate all its users to GitHub Codespaces.


According to the Microsoft announcement, the service is being retired in February 2021. If you are an existing Visual Studio Codespaces user, you can start your transition to GitHub Codespaces now. To know more about the timeline of the transition, continue reading further.

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Microsoft released a new Office for Android Build 16.0.13231.20002 to the insiders. The latest build adds a couple of new features to Outlook that includes support for two-way calendar sync, customizable mail notifications, and a prompt to download Teams on your mobile when you create an online Teams meeting.


This update comes to the monthly release channel, and it is not yet clear if there will be any new build this month for the other office products. To know more about the new features, continue reading next.

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The mobile commenting feature of OneDrive has been expanded to non-Office file types, including photos, videos, PDF documents, and over 300 other file types. Prior to that, the feature was only working for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.


You can now add new comments, view and reply to existing comments, delete comments, and perform more such operations on any of your OneDrive files from your Android device. Continue reading to know more about it and it's availability.

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Microsoft released a new insiders preview build of Windows 10 in the Dev Channel. The latest Windows 10 build 20206 includes a set of new input features, which is going to come sometime next year though these features are not yet tagged to any feature release.


The new features include updates to Emoji Picker, Keyboard, and Voice Typing. To know more about the features, and learn what's new coming up with the next versions of Windows 10, continue reading further.

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Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for the chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, which will add the ability to capture a screenshot of a website without using any 3rd party tool. They named it as "Web Capture", and can be invoked by using the default shortcut key.


The feature is currently rolling out to a limited set of Edge Insiders running the Canary build of Microsoft Edge (Chromium), and will soon roll out to more users.

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Microsoft's revamped Edge interface is clean and stylish. It provides you a world-class performance with more privacy, more productivity, and more value while you browse the internet. You can now get the latest Microsoft Edge update for your business, school, or organization with multi-platform support in over 90 languages.


Back in August 2020, Microsoft Edge 85 was released, and after that, build 85.0.564.44 is the 2nd and latest stable build of Microsoft Edge 85. Here you can find the direct links to download the latest offline installer of Microsoft Edge.

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In June 2020, Microsoft announced the availability of the Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to enhance the enterprise endpoint security and help the enterprises to protect against phishing and unsafe network connections from apps, websites, and other malicious apps.


Though the Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Android was announced in June, the app is now finally available to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Microsoft is working on a new feature, spotted in the latest Windows 10 insiders preview build 20201, that will allow you to automatically archive apps without impacting the saved data. This will be useful when you have huge apps installed but you don't use a large set of them.


The feature is only applicable to the apps that you download from the Microsoft Store. To know how to turn ON the automatic archiving of apps, continue reading further.

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