Google Photos is getting another brand new feature called Cinematic Photos which will have the option to make a 3D-like impact on a portion of the pictures. When you open the Google Photos application, this component will be accessible in the memory section of the same.


Once you update the Google Photos app, the new Cinematic Photos will be visible in your latest highlights at the top of the photo grid.

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Microsoft Teams getting many new features these days and becoming one of the popular business communication platforms. It is also getting deep integration to the Windows 10 operating system. With this effort, Microsoft is now allowing you to change the desktop notification style of Microsoft Teams.


If you are not liking the default purple notification style of Microsoft Teams, here's how you can change it to native Windows 10 style notifications.

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Azure has made tremendous growth in the last decade. This is due to the rapid cloud adoption by various enterprises and organizations around the world. When cloud expenses increase, it becomes difficult to track and understand the utilization of Azure Resources. Lack of proper documentation leads to many problems as mentioned. Nevertheless, preparing documentation itself turns into a tedious task due to the multi-tenant architecture of Azure.


Here comes the CloudDocs in Serverless360, an Azure documentation generator to solve challenges in documenting Azure Subscription. This article will give you an overview of what is CloudDocs and its benefits.

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Without any public announcements, Google often tests new features in the Google Chrome browser. Most of the time these features being introduced are available through hidden experimental flags. Some other time the company releases new features to a limited set of users to get early feedback.


Now, Google is working a different way to provide early access to the experimental features to users. This is called "Chrome Labs" in the latest Chrome Canary build.

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Microsoft is now adding a new personalization feature to Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser. The new feature will allow you to apply custom accent color to the browser window. As this feature is still under preview, it's hidden under an experimental flag. You must enable the feature to show up on the browser settings page.


With the latest Edge Canary build 89.0.731.0 or newer, you can turn ON the new accent themes feature. Here we will show you how to enable the feature and apply the accent color theme.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 21277 for the Insiders in the Dev Channel. With that, the company also announces the release of x64 emulation for ARM 64-bit devices. As a Windows Insider, you can try out it if you are on the Dev Channel.


Being the first release for ARM64 PCs, Microsoft also provided installation instructions. Continue reading to learn more about it.

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Microsoft announces the launch of the Microsoft Teams Public Preview program. The announcement made to align it with the Microsoft 365 deployment channels. And also to make it clearer for existing insiders to choose the right experience for them. Microsoft said that the actual availability of the new program will be later this week.


Are you interested to be part of this public preview program for Microsoft Teams? Then continue reading to learn how you can join the Microsoft Teams public preview channel.

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Microsoft releases a new build of Microsoft Edge (Chromium) for the Edge Insiders in the Dev channel. The latest build version 89.0.723.0 is the first Edge 89 build rolling out in this channel. The latest build includes some new features, better reliability improvements, and a list of bug fixes.


Though there are no major features introduced in this build, it added the ability to run an on-demand scan for leaked passwords and an option to have downloaded PDFs open in the default PDF reader are some minor key features that you would like in it.

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Just like all other months, Microsoft detailed all the new features and improvements the company made to Microsoft Teams in the month of November 2020. It was a big update to Microsoft Teams that includes enhancements to the meeting experience, chat features, new devices, and more.


If you are eagerly waiting to learn what has been newly added and improved in the latest update of Microsoft Teams, continue reading the post further.

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Earlier this week, Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.27 with a bunch of new improvements and said that the Video conferencing mute utility will soon come as an experimental feature before it hits the final release. Now the company released PowerToys pre-release version 0.28.0, which comes with all the features and fixes part of v0.27, plus the Video conference mute utility.


Those who are in the regular release channel will still have to wait a little longer until Microsoft integrates the utility in the coming weeks after fixing all the bugs and finalizing the offering.

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