Video and audio materials are readily available from websites, organizations, academic institutions, libraries, video, and audio sharing sites, to social media sites. Many of them include captions. How can you ensure the captions for your video or audio materials are accurate?


One solution is to work with a professional captioning service provider, or if you do it in-house, consider the most advanced CART captioning software will all the necessary features.

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Recently, Microsoft announced the rollout of Project Reunion 0.5. Being the first production release, it also includes WinUI 3. On the other hand, Uno Platform also announced the general availability of Uno Platform 3.6, enabling the software developers to build Windows applications and take them to Linux, macOS, Web, Android, and iOS.


If you didn't hear about Uno Platform yet, here's your chance to learn about it and make your modern Windows 10 applications target all other major platforms.

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Microsoft released a new update (KB5000842) for Windows 10 Version 20H2 and Windows 10 Version 2004. The build comes as an optional update and adds some new features to Windows 10. This build also includes improvements for many Windows components.


If you wish to update your system to this latest build, go to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and click the Download and Install link under the Optional Updates.

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Microsoft releases a new Office build to the Office Insiders in the Windows (Beta) channel. The latest Office build 13919.20002 doesn't include any new features, but adds a few notable fixes to Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Office suite.


If you are using Office Insiders Beta build (version 2104), you might have noticed Outlook crashing while syncing folder hierarchy changes. With this new build 13919.20002, Microsoft resolved this issue. You can find the complete changelog below.

Auto clicker, as the name indicates, is used to automate mouse clicking. It is especially required for gaming purposes. You might wonder that using a mouse isn’t hard. Then why is there a need for using softwares like auto clicker?


Several games and applications require repeated mouse clicking, which is quite monotonous and tiresome. Therefore, players use an auto clicker to generate input in the form of clicks. Hence, it is a useful tool when there is a need for frequent mouse clicking.

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Web development is an ever-evolving process that requires constant innovation and upgrades to quench the demand for game-changing technology with each passing year. Most developers prefer JavaScript for front-end development, which is backed strongly by NodeJS for back-end development in recent times.


The reason being that NodeJS is a program that works well with JS functionality and adapts effortlessly with the backend syntax. NodeJS also plays a vital role in developing apps with an interactive user experience that ultimately enhances the ROI.


Besides web development, NodeJS also plays a part in mobile application development nowadays. So, let’s find out from this blog what is NodeJS and what are the splendid features that make it a popular choice among web developers worldwide.

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Microsoft is now rolling out a new Windows 10 build 21343. The build is now being offered to the Windows Insiders who are in the Dev Channel. With this preview build, Microsoft adds several improvements and changes to Windows 10. The most highlightable improvement is the new icons in the Windows 10 File Explorer.


The latest update build 21343 from the RS_PRERELEASE branch also includes several other changes and fixes to Windows 10. For a detailed list of changes, continue reading it further.

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If you are a Microsoft Edge Insider in the Dev Channel, Microsoft today releases a new Edge build 91.0.831.0. The latest Dev Channel build adds two big features for Microsoft Edge users. The first one is Color Themes support in all platforms, and the other one is MSA sign-in and sync for the Linux users.


There are also some more notable changes and fixes in this new build. For the complete changelog, and to learn what's new in Microsoft Edge build 91.0.831.0 in the Dev Channel, continue reading further.

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As the security agencies have seen an increase in attacks against on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers, recently Microsoft released a one-click mitigation tool to help the customers of both current and out-of-support versions of on-premise Exchange Servers who are unfamiliar with the patch/update process.


Now the company has taken an additional step to further support the customers who are still vulnerable and have not yet implemented the complete security updates. To tackle the critical vulnerabilities in Exchange Server, Microsoft implemented an automatic mitigation tool within Defender Antivirus.

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Recently the open-source Git Project released Git 2.31. The latest version of Git introduces a few new features and enhancements. With this new version, Git Project introduces background maintenance mode, and the ability to serialize the reverse indexes to disk with the .rev file extension.


To know more about the features and changes in Git 2.31, you will need to continue reading further. If you are using the Git platform, you would like to upgrade to this release for better performance.

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