If you are an Office Insider and running Office 365 applications from the Windows Current (Preview) Channel, Microsoft has released a new build for you. The latest Office Insiders Preview Build 13901.20216 adds three new features to the Office applications.


If you are using Microsoft Teams to present PowerPoint slides, this build is going to provide you the maximum benefit. To know more about the new features introduced in the latest Office Preview build, continue reading further.

Microsoft is continuing its development in making the Chromium-based Edge browser more resource-efficient. As per the new development, the company added a "Performance Mode" feature which will help you optimize speed, responsiveness, memory, CPU, and battery usage.


To know more about the feature, its availability, and how to enable or disable the Performance Mode feature in Microsoft Edge, continue reading this post further.

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Yesterday Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 21364 to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. The latest build from the co_release branch comes with some new features and improvements. If you are a WSL fan, this build comes with support to run Linux GUI applications on Windows.


This build also includes two new features to Windows 10 Task Manager. The first one is the ability to reduce resource consumption, and the second one is an experimental feature to throttle the process resources. Let's drive into the features and learn more about them.

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Microsoft today released a new update to Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel from the co_release branch. The latest Windows 10 Build 21364 comes with a set of new improvements, changes, and fixes. In this preview build, one of the key highlights is to run your favorite Linux tools and applications on the Windows platform using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


Want to know more about the new features that coming next to Windows 10? You don't want to miss reading this post further. If you are not yet a Windows Insider, you can register for the program and get an early preview of what's coming next to Windows.

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Microsoft is currently testing a new taskbar feature on Windows 10, called News and Interests. As of now, the feature was being tested by the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. Now, the company is bringing it to all insiders running Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels.


That means, if you are running Windows 10 October 2020 Update (version 20H2) or higher, you will get this "News and Interests" feature running on your system quite very soon, and get all the latest news launched directly from the Windows 10 Taskbar.

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Microsoft announces the next major release of Visual Studio IDE (Visual Studio 2022) and said that it will be available as a 64-bit application. That means that the next version of Visual Studio will no longer be limited to ~4GB of memory in the main devenv.exe process, and allow you to build the most complex solutions without running out of memory.


It will have a refreshed set of icons, more personalization options, and support to provide you more control over building modern applications. Continue reading to know more about Visual Studio 2022, its release schedule, and the first public preview build.

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Link to Highlight Text is a new feature that Google is adding to its popular Chrome browser. It will help you to easily copy a portion of a page and share it as a link. The other person clicking the link will see the exact section that you wanted him to see. Thus, it will make it easier to get the attention of that person to that selected text.


The feature is currently rolling out to Google Chrome browser on desktop and Android devices. Google said that it will soon roll out to iOS users. To learn more about the feature, continue reading further.

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Microsoft has quietly released the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge Canary build on the popular Android platform. The latest Edge Can build on Android has version number 91.0.858.0. It comes with a fresh UI, other changes, and performance improvements.


Needless to say that the Canary builds are not recommended to use on corporate and production devices, but they come in handy to try out the new features before the public release.

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The "Password Monitor" feature was first introduced in Microsoft Edge Canary build at the end of June 2020. When you enable this feature, the Microsoft Edge browser will check all your saved browser passwords against a known repository of already exposed credentials. It will alert you if your online credentials have been detected on the dark web.


When your credentials are checked against the database of known leaked credentials, powerful encryption helps prevent your information from being revealed to anyone. Information about which password has been compromised is only available to you.

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Last week, Microsoft switched the Dev Channel to the CO_RELEASE branch and released Windows 10 Build 21354 to the Windows Insiders. Today, as per the release schedule, the company has released a new build to the insiders in the Dev Channel. The latest Windows 10 Build 21359, though doesn't include any new features but comes with a host of improvements.


With the new build, Microsoft added a new option to restart apps after signing in. Also, you will no longer have the option to upload new activity in Timeline. You will need OneDrive or Office to view the recently used files. For more details about this build, continue reading further.

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