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During the BUILD 2022 Conference, the Uno Platform team released version 4.3 of its product. The focus of this release was on enhancing our Figma plugin which generates your app XAML directly from Figma designs, as well as advancing Uno Extensions to help bootstrap your apps faster, says the Uno Platform team in an announcement.


Uno Platform 4.3 gets updated Figma Plugin, Uno Extensions, Material Design 3, and more!


What's new and improved in Uno Platform 4.3

Updated Figma Plugin and Material 3 Theme

Back in December, during the UnoConf 2021, the first preview version of the Uno Platform plugin for Figma was announced. Now the plugin has been entered into preview 2 that includes the Material Design 3 theme support for all components and color styles, and Chips (Assist, Filter, and Input & Suggestion).


Apart from that, it also includes 19 new semantic font styles, support for placed images that don't need a component container, and support for independent control of corner radius in images.



Uno Extensions

"Uno.Extensions" is a series of packages designed to speed up typical developer tasks associated with building cross-platform mobile, desktop, and web applications using Uno Platform.


Uno.Extensions has been updated to make handling Navigation simpler for typical scenarios such as navigating between pages, displaying a MessageDialog, or switching between views with a NavigationView, or TabBar. The Reactive extensions make it possible to work with immutable data, whilst still maintaining support for MVVM-style data binding.


With the release of Uno Platform 4.3, Reactive now has native support for collection and an improved syntax to reduce overhead in your application code.



Visual Studio 2022 Template Platform Wizard

It is now easier for you to get started with Uno Platform by ensuring you have an optimal setup for your project. Once you install Uno Platform 4.3 and start a new project using the Uno Platform Extension for Visual Studio 2022, you will be walked through a setup template and given the option to choose only the platforms you care for.



.NET 6.0.300 “Mobile” RTM Support

Uno Platform 4.3 supports .NET “Mobile” RTM, the same .NET “Mobile” runtime .NET MAUI 6.0.300 uses. Using it requires the use of Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1.1.


It also made some improvements to uno-check in order to better support the M1/arm64 macs. Make sure to follow the directions if you’re upgrading from a previous version of Uno or .NET 6.



XAML MarkupExtension Updates for WinUI 3

Uno Platform has supported the simple form of XAML Markup Extensions provided by UWP. WinAppSDK 1.0 and WinUI 3, had added the new extended support and as of the Uno Platform 4.3 release, it also has the support for XAML MarkupExtension!


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