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Want to write for Please read the following guidelines, T&C and reach out to me at the given mentioned email address. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

At, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality technical content to our readers. We strive to keep our readers informed about the latest news, trends, and developments in the tech world. To achieve this goal, we publish articles, product reviews, and accept paid publications from other bloggers or clients.


If you are interested in publishing an article or product review on our website, there are certain guidelines that you must follow. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the content we publish is of the highest quality and provides value to our readers.


First and foremost, your article must be relevant to our audience. We cater to a tech-savvy audience, so your article should be related to technology or the tech industry. It should provide insights, analysis, or news that will be of interest to our readers.


Secondly, your article must be original and not published anywhere else. We do not accept plagiarized content, and we take plagiarism very seriously. If we find that your article has been copied from elsewhere, we will reject it outright.


Thirdly, your article should be well-written, informative, and engaging. It should be free of grammatical errors, and it should be easy to read and understand. We reserve the right to make minor edits to your article to ensure that it meets our standards.


Fourthly, if you are submitting a paid publication, you must disclose this fact to us. We only accept paid publications if they meet our guidelines and provide value to our readers. We do not accept advertorials or promotional content disguised as articles.


Finally, we do accept links in any of our existing articles, but they must be relevant and add value to our readers. We reserve the right to remove any links that we deem to be irrelevant or spammy.


If you are interested in publishing an article or product review on, please read our below guidelines carefully and ensure that your content meets our standards. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to provide our readers with high-quality content.


Year 2022 Review


  • If you want us to publish an article on and want a link back to your website, this is termed as advertising and thus it needs sponsorship.

  • The base fee charged for an article will depend on the article topic and the external link. Currently, we receive around 2 - 4 million page views per month and we have a strong readership based on organic traffic, direct visitors, social media, and email subscribers.

  • The content should be written in clear English. When you submit the draft copy of the article, make sure that the content and the images are unique. If we find any plagiarism, we will ask you to rewrite the content or replace the images, whichever applicable.

  • The article must contain a minimum of 250 words and we reserve the right to edit your post to correct grammar, spelling, formatting, and alter any part of the content without impacting your link.

  • The article should include at least one high-resolution image relevant to the content which can be used for social promotions. While submitting the image, make sure that you have the right to use that image. You can also select an image that falls under the creative commons category.

  • We reserve the rights to replace the image(s) to best suit the site theme and match with the other articles published on our site.

  • The articles that you submit, won't be tagged as "Sponsored" or "Editorial".

  • Often, we also accept link insertions in any existing articles. The charge will be based on the link to be inserted and the article that you select for the link insertion.

  • We allow a maximum of 1 "doFollow" or "noFollow" link in the post. You may decide which one you want to proceed with. By default, it will be set as "doFollow". It is advisable to add up to 2 internal links to the article to rank better on search engines.

  • As per our policy, we accept payments in advance only. Please don't request the live link before the payment. A discount can be provided for repeated articles from the same source.

  • We will issue you a PayPal invoice once you send us the draft copy of the article.

  • You may pay us through PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, or UPI. Please notify us once the payment has been made.

  • The article will go live only after we receive the full payment. In case we receive a partial payment, a 2% partial payment charge will get added to the invoice as a penalty. The article won't go live unless you pay the full amount, including the penalty (if applicable).

  • It may take 3 business days for us to do the editorial changes and make the article live. The editorial changes will begin only after we receive the full payment. If we find any plagiarized content, the article will be returned back for modifications.

  • All articles must be in accordance with the theme of the site. We may ask you to alter the content to match the site theme. We reserve the final decision to accept or reject an article.

  • The article will remain publicly visible till the lifetime of the site.

  • We reserve the rights to take down the content and take further actions if your content/media violates any copyright.

  • We also reserve the rights to terminate the contract and publish the draft without the external link(s) in case you fail to pay within the due date and no written communication has been made from you within the stipulated time.

  • We do not possess any personal relationship with the sponsor and the views expressed in the articles don’t represent the site ( or the owner of the site (Kunal Chowdhury).


If you want to get your articles or product reviews published on our site at, please get in touch with us via email:


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