Microsoft released Windows 10 insiders preview build 19546, where they have previewed new graphing capabilities in the Windows 10 calculator app. The Calculator app now includes a graphing mode, which may be generally available in the summer.


Apart from that, the build also includes a new Indexer Diagnostics app, which will help users to identify issues with the Windows Search indexer.

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It's 15th January 2020, and Microsoft is set to start rolling out it's new chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser today to Windows 10 users via the Windows Update service. The browser will have a new logo and support to Chrome extensions and user profiles.


Are you ready to experience the faster web browsing in Microsoft Edge with the chromium engine? Don't forget to check for updates in a few hours.

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YouTube is the most played streaming sites, where you can watch movies, videos and listen to video songs. Playing it in the foreground is a limitation to the free users, which can be withdrawn by paying a monthly or yearly subscription.


But what if you don't want to pay, and still want to play it in the background? There's a cool trick (if you have Android), and we are going to discuss it here.

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You might have already know that Microsoft is going to release its chromium based Edge browser on January 15th 2020, and that will globally start rolling out via Windows Update service to all PCs running Windows 10 version 1803 and newer.


If you are not yet ready to install it on your system automatically, Microsoft has released a Blocker Toolkit to make it easier for you to block the automatic installation.

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Microsoft officials said that the chromium based Microsoft Edge, which is going to be generally available from 15th January 2020, will not be bundled with Windows operating system updates. Rather, it will be available via Windows Updates for all PCs running Windows 10 1709 (RS4) and later.


The latest development comes over a month after the company announced the general availability of the Chromium-based Edge browser.

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With the release of Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4.0, Microsoft now removed the dependency of GitHub extension and directly included the GitHub support to Visual Studio 2019. If you are a developer having GitHub as your source control repository, you can now directly publish your local Git repository to GitHub.

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