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A significant update to Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser has been made available. Microsoft Edge build 108.0.1462.42 is the most recent upgrade that is being rolled out to the stable release channel. For Microsoft Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux, the new release includes a new Graph API and a redesigned module of the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library.


Additionally, it adds a few additional rules that will give you safer encryption while browsing. Continue reading for a complete changelog.


Microsoft Edge 108 released to stable channel with a more secure encryption policy
Microsoft Edge build 108.0.1462.42


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge build 108.0.1462.42

Feature updates

Graph APIs for Cloud Site List Management

IT administrators in businesses can now develop, maintain, and publish their site lists for IE mode on the cloud. Thanks to new Graph APIs.



More reliable web defense

With the redesigned Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library for Microsoft Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can now browse the web with more dependable security.


With Microsoft Edge version 108, the new SmartScreen library, which was first made accessible on Windows and Mac, is now available on Linux too. By utilizing the built-in network stack of Microsoft Edge, the SmartScreen library also contributes to new product optimizations (improved proxy handling) and bug fixes in Microsoft Edge version 108.



Policy updates

New policies

EncryptedClientHelloEnabled - TLS Encrypted ClientHello Enabled

A TLS enhancement called Encrypted ClientHello (ECH) encrypts ClientHello's sensitive information to increase privacy. Microsoft Edge may or may not use ECH if ECH is enabled, depending on the server support, the accessibility of the HTTPS DNS record, or the rollout status.


Microsoft Edge will use the ECH default rollout method whether you enable this policy or not. ECH will not be enabled in Microsoft Edge if this policy is disabled.



NewTabPageAppLauncherEnabled - Hide App Launcher on Microsoft Edge new tab page

Every time a user opens a new tab page, the App Launcher appears by default. The Microsoft Edge new tab page remains the same whether you enable or disable this policy, and users can still use the App Launcher.


The App Launcher won't show up if you disable this policy, and users won't be able to run M365 apps from the Microsoft Edge new tab page via the App Launcher.


Obsoleted policy

NewSmartScreenLibraryEnabled Enable the new SmartScreen library

After Microsoft Edge 107, this policy is out of date and ineffective.


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