Welcome to the next chapter in the evolution of web browsing! Microsoft Edge version 122 has arrived, bringing with it a slew of enhancements designed to elevate your browsing experience to new heights. From streamlined security indicators to policy configuration improvements, this update is poised to redefine how you interact with the web.


Join us as we delve into the exciting features, fixes, and policies introduced in this latest release, and discover how Microsoft Edge continues to lead the way in browser innovation.


What's New in Microsoft Edge Version 122
Microsoft Edge version 122.0.2365.52



  • Microsoft Edge version 122 introduces key updates, including relocating the Managed Site Indicator for improved accessibility and understanding of page security.
  • The deprecation of the image enhancement feature underscores Microsoft's commitment to refining user experience.
  • Admins gain more control with the ability to set recommended policies in the Edge management service, balancing flexibility and governance.
  • The rebranding of Web Capture to "Screenshot" simplifies the feature's identity while retaining core functionality.
  • Fixes address issues like PDF rendering and printing, ensuring a smoother browsing experience for users.



Breaking Down Microsoft Edge 122

Feature Updates

One of the notable changes in this version is the relocation of the Managed Site Indicator, represented by the briefcase icon, into the lock icon within the address bar omnibox. This adjustment offers a more streamlined user experience, allowing end users to easily access details about the protections applied to a particular page by simply clicking on the lock icon and then the briefcase icon. This enhancement aims to improve user accessibility and understanding of page security configurations.


Furthermore, Microsoft Edge bids farewell to the image enhancement feature, opting to deprecate it to prioritize an enhanced end-user experience. While this may mark the end of a familiar feature, it underscores Microsoft's commitment to refining and optimizing its browser's functionality based on user feedback and evolving technology trends.



Admins also gain more control over policy configurations with the introduction of recommended policies in the Microsoft Edge management service. This empowers administrators to set recommended policies, granting end users the flexibility to override certain configurations while maintaining overall governance and security standards.


In a rebranding move, Microsoft Edge renames its Web Capture feature to "Screenshot", accompanied by an icon redesign. This change aims to simplify the feature's identity while retaining its core functionality of enabling users to capture and annotate web content effortlessly. Administrators can regulate the availability of this feature through the WebCaptureEnabled policy, ensuring alignment with organizational needs and security protocols.




Microsoft Edge version 122 addresses several issues to enhance the browsing experience. Among these fixes include resolving an issue where PDF text fields and drop-down values were rendered twice for specific files when using the built-in PDF reader powered by Adobe Acrobat. Additionally, the update rectifies the issue of printing certain PDF files in landscape mode, ensuring accurate printing outcomes when utilizing the 'fit to printable area' option.


New Policies

The introduction of new policies expands the customization and functionality options available to administrators and end users alike. From enabling DALL-E theme generation with AIGenThemesEnabled to allowing users to bypass Enhanced Security Mode with EnhanceSecurityModeAllowUserBypass, these policies cater to diverse user needs and preferences.


Other notable additions include SuperDragDropEnabled, UrlDiagnosticDataEnabled, EdgeOpenInSidebarEnabled, and EdgeSidebarCustomizeEnabled, offering greater flexibility and control over browser settings and features.



End Notes

As we conclude our exploration of Microsoft Edge version 122, it's evident that the browser continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of its users. With a focus on security, usability, and customization, this update represents a significant step forward in the ongoing journey of browser innovation.


But beyond the features and fixes, it's important to recognize the broader implications of these updates. Microsoft Edge's commitment to enhancing user experience and streamlining workflows speaks to a larger trend in the tech industry: the relentless pursuit of excellence and the relentless drive to push boundaries.


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