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How to update Live Tile in Universal Windows apps?

Few days ago in a blog post we learnt “How to create Schedule Task in Universal Windows apps?”. Today in this blog post we will discuss how to update live tile in an universal Windows apps. Though you don’t need to create schedule task to update live tiles but you can surely use it anytime.


Read more to learn how easy it is to configure your app to support live tile updates and integration of it with schedule task.

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #05

Here comes “Microsoft Tuesday – Top News - #05” with top links/announcements floating around the world of Microsoft technologies. Above the fold, you will find news on Office 2016, Skype for business, Kinect, Azure and Windows 10.


Follow the links mentioned below to know more about those news topics. Don’t forget to share your feedback on “Microsoft Tuesday” that I share weekly.

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #04

It’s Tuesday again and I am back with the top news on Microsoft platform. Above the fold you will find posts on Linux and Open-Source computing page, Azure, TypeScript, Internet of Things (IoT) and Kinect. Hope, you will like this posts.


Don’t forget to share your views/opinions about this “Microsoft Tuesday” channel. Your feedbacks are always appreciable.

How to enable the new tray clock in #Windows 10?

Windows 10 – not a new name! I hope, most of you currently using the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build version: 9926. In this release, Microsoft added a new clock to the tray but as a special trick in registry. Thanks to Bavo Luysterborg for sharing the same on Twitter.


In this Tips and Tricks post of my Windows 10 series, I am going to share the trick to change the UI of the clock in Windows 10 Technical Preview version 9926.

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #03

It’s Tuesday again and I am back with the top news floating in Microsoft platform. Above the fold you will find the announcement of Universal Apps for One Windows Platform, Microsoft’s new web rendering engine, new apps announcement from Microsoft garage, Microsoft Band SDK for developers.


Don’t forget to share your opinions on these posts. Thanks to Microsoft for helping me to compose the “Microsoft Tuesday – Top News” post.

Microsoft Band SDK Preview Released

The Microsoft Band SDK Preview gives developers access to the sensors available on the Band, the ability to create tiles on the Band and send notifications to these tiles for their applications. Microsoft released it’s first SDK preview for developers.


Using the SDK you will now be able to build app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone integrating Microsoft Band features. To know more about the SDK preview and downloadable links, read more.

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #02

It’s Tuesday again and as I mentioned last week, it’s time to share top 5 links on Microsoft platform which includes few big announcements too. Above the fold you will find announcement on Handwriting in OneNote for iPad, followed by various other posts on Azure Machine Learning and BigData.


This blog post has been composed with the help of Microsoft. Share your views/opinions to Microsoft about the links shared below by dropping a line at the comment section.

How to create Schedule Task in Universal Windows apps?

Schedule tasks are often require to do some clean ups, fetch some records from internet and/or update the live tile/lock screen. There might be some other requirements too. If you want to add schedule tasks in your Windows and/or Windows Phone runtime apps, here you go.


In this post, let’s keep it generic and learn, how to create schedule task in universal windows apps. At the end, share your feedback to improve. Don’t forget to share in your network.

Microsoft confirms #WindowsPhone 8.1 GDR2 in DevCenter docs

Microsoft in DevCenter documentation confirms Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 2 (aka. Update 2) with set of new and updated features, while the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones released last week. So, expecting a new update to Windows Phone 8.1 handsets before Windows 10.


In this blog post, sharing the new/updated features set and some useful links to get further details. Continue reading.

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #01

With help of Microsoft, I am sharing top 5 news with you on Microsoft platform. This is the first post on this channel and I hope you will like it over the period. Please share your views on these topics below, which will be shared to the team over time.


Above the fold, Microsoft Research makes touch develop tool as open source. Read more to find out the top 5 posts. Don’t forget to share your views/feedback.

How to activate Cortana in #Windows 10?

Microsoft first introduced “Cortana” in Windows Phone 8.1 and now integrating with Windows OS. Going with Windows 10 (build: 9926 onwards), you will see her assisting you in your desktop, tablet versions too. Though it is currently in development stage for Windows 10, not all the functionalities work properly.


In this blog post, we will discuss how to activate Cortana in Windows 10. Also we will see, how to activate touch free “Hey Cortana”. A short video tutorial can be found at the end of the post.

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