Expression Blend 5 Preview for Silverlight 5 RC is Now Available

imageExpression Blend 5 Preview Ultimate is now available for Silverlight 5 Release Candidate. It supports only Silverlight 5 projects including Sketch Flow. You can install it side-by-side with Expression Blend 4. For more information, visit Microsoft Download Centre.


Direct link: Download Microsoft Expression Blend 5 Preview for Silverlight 5 RC


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  1. To clarify, this isn't Expression Blend 5. This is an Expression Blend preview for Silverlight 5.

  2. @Anonymous, hope you read the title and body of the post. It is clearly mentioned there that it is a preview release.

  3. Kunal... I did indeed read the title and body, and they both state that it is a preview of "Expression Blend 5".

    However, this is NOT a preview of Expression Blend 5. It is an Expression Blend 4 release. The only "5" involved is the version of Silverlight it is for.

    The first preview release of Expression Blend 5 was at the recent Build conference (and this is not that).

  4. @Anonymous, My friend, it's the Expression Blend 5 preview release for Silverlight 5. The one that is released during Build is called Expression Blend 5 Developer preview. Presently those launched as separate bits. In future release, might be those will be an integrated one.


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