Silverlight 4 has now support for Mouse Wheel. From now onwards you can use mouse wheel event to trigger on mouse wheel rotation. Until the release of Silverlight 4 Beta 1 you had to write JavaScript code & a huge lines of code in C#. Now just forget about those lines. Your code will be clean.

If you want to use the clean coding for mouse wheel, you have to just register & implement the said event in your code. Apart from the MouseLeftButtonDown / MouseLeftButtonUp / MouseRightButtonDown / MouseRightButtonUp / MouseEnter / MouseLeave events there you will find another event called MouseWheel. This event is responsible for clean up your code to implement the feature. You can also override the OnMouseWheel event in your main control.

See the below code:

protected override void OnMouseWheel(MouseWheelEventArgs e)

    txbMouseWheelValue.Text = string.Format("Mouse Wheel Value: {0}", e.Delta);

    if (e.Delta > 0)
        rotateBrdWheeler.Angle += 10;
        rotateBrdWheeler.Angle -= 10;

Here when the mouse wheel event is registered, it will set e.Delta as the output of mouse wheel rotation. You can check whether the value is positive / negative & depending on that you can decide your own logic. In the demo app I am rotating a Rectangle by 10 degree depending on the sign of delta. You can do your own logic there.

It’s so easy. So, go ahead & clean your code (only supports in Silverlight 4). Enjoy the new feature. Cheers…  :)

Download Sample Application:   Silverlight 4 Mouse Wheel Demo Solution

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