Introduction to Shapes in Silverlight 4

In earlier versions of Silverlight, there are very few shape controls like Rectangle, Ellipse available. But think on creating other shapes like Triangle, Polygon, Ring etc. If you need one of them in the earlier Silverlight version, how will you implement them? In my next article, I will describe about all these to you.image


I think many of you know about these. But those who are not familiar with this, I am contributing it for them.


In Silverlight 4 you can easily do this with the help of already present shape controls. This comes with the Expression Blend SDK. In the next article, I will describe you about each Shape controls. For now, I will just post all the shape controls available in Silverlight 4.


These shapes are part of Microsoft.Expression.Drawing.dll and hence to use them, you need to install the Expression Blend 4 in your PC first. If you didn’t install it till now, download the free trial version from Microsoft Expression site.


Here is the list of all the Shape controls:

    • Arc
    • Block Arrow
        • Block Arrow Down
        • Block Arrow Left
        • Block Arrow Up
        • Block Arrow Right
    • Callout
        • Callout Cloud
        • Callout Oval
        • Callout Rectangular
        • Callout Rounded Rectangular
    • Ellipse
    • Hexagon
    • Line Arrow
    • Pentagon
    • Pie
    • Rectangle
    • Ring
    • Star
    • Triangle

Wait for my next article, where I will describe about each control in depth. Till then keep learning and follow me in my Blog & Twitter. Cheers… Thumbs up

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