Download Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta

Windows Phone 7.1 Developer Tools (code named "Mango") Beta has been released on 24th May 2011. It contains a no. of new features (more than 500) including Internet Explorer 9 and Skype inbuilt in the OS. Find more about the features here. You can use this new Beta Tools to develop applications targeted to both 7.0 and 7.1 OS version. Remember that, it is still in Beta stage (i.e. development stage) and hence you can't use it for production.


In this post, find the links from where you can download (both Web & Standalone/Offline installer) and install the Developer Tools 7.1 Beta release.



You can download it from any of the following path:

Once downloaded, start the installation process to continue. Remember that, if you have Visual Studio 2010 already installed in your development environment, you must install Service Pack 1 before installing the Windows Phone 7.1 Developer Tools.



System Requirements

To install the 7.1 Beta tools, your System should match the following Requirements:

  • You must have Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or Windows 7 OS (any edition except Starter Edition)
  • At least 3 GB RAM and 4 GB free Hard Disk space
  • DirectX 10 or above with WDDM 1.1 driver capable graphics card


Windows Phone 7.1 Developer Tools package

Windows Phone 7.1 Developer Tools beta will install the followings from the package:

  • Windows Phone 7.1 Developer Tools Beta
  • Silverlight 4 SDK and Runtime
  • Windows Phone Emulator
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh Windows Phone Extensions
  • WCF Data Services client
  • Expression Blend SDK Preview for Phone 7.1
  • Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition (if you don't have Visual Studio installed)



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  1. I Installed the latest wp7 beta sdk (mango) and followed the instructions to build a simple hello world application. But the build did not succeed and I always got the following error
    Error 1 The target "GetCopyToOutputDirectoryContentProjectItems" does not exist in the project. testapp1
    I tried un-installing and re-installing the sdk many times. I even un-installed any silver light 4 editions that were installed earlier. But that did not help.

    I am using a Thinkpad w510 with windows 7 enterprise which has 4gig memory. Also I noticed that the sdk installation failed to install the following components. It displayed >>

    Setup could not install the following copmponents
    x Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh
    x Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Extensions for XNA Game Studio 4.0

    Any thoughts as why I am not able to install the SDK completely and also not able to build a simple hello world application? I searched the net and could not get an answer. My advance thanks to anyone who can help.



  2. Hello Murali,

    Looks like many people are facing the same issue. Can you upload the sample project and share me the link? It will help me to analyze it.

  3. I have the same problem. I just fire up a new "Windows Phone Application" project and run it with no modifications made. I get same error with "GetCopyToOutputDirectoryContentProjectItems".

    I have VS 2010 Express for WP with SP1 and Mango tools installed.

  4. Can anyone of you share me your project? For others, if any one is facing the same issue, please share me your project. So that, I can analyze and help you to resolve.

  5. Hello Kunal, In your post you have mentioned deep Skype integration, just FYI, it definitely isn't there :)

  6. Hi Manish,

    Those are intended to be release by the Final version of the WP7 Mango. Currently it is on Beta stage and those are just the overview of the features those will be available in final product. Please keep patience to see what's coming in the next releases...

  7. Did any of you find the solution for this? I installed the WP SDK 7.1 RC and am having the same problem


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