First look to Microsoft Windows 8 User Interface

Yesterday, 1st June 2011 Microsoft demonstrated their next generation Windows Operating System at the D9 conference which internally called ... - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Yesterday, 1st June 2011 Microsoft demonstrated their next generation Windows Operating System at the D9 conference which internally called as “Windows 8”. It supports touch screen and can operate with/without a Mouse or Keyboard using the touch APIs and onscreen keyboard.


The video demonstrates the power of flexibility and dynamic user experience. To know more about it and watch the video demonstration of the first preview, read the complete post.



Some New Features

Here are some new things that has been demonstrated in the Preview:

  • A new start screen interface, which replaces the Windows start menu with customizable full screen view
  • Fluid application showcase in the start screen
  • Natural switching between running apps
  • Convenient way to dock and resize any running application
  • Swipe applications from left which replaces the Alt + Tab
  • A new onscreen keyboard which looks like Windows Phone 7 interface
  • New start menu at the right side of the screen with additional functionalities
  • Touch optimized browsing using the hardware accelerated Internet Explorer 10
  • Power of HTML5 and JavaScript to build Windows 8 enabled apps


Some Features with Rich User Experience

Here comes some features with rich user experience those has been included in Windows 8 (taken from the video):

  • The new lock screen which shows the current date and time.


  • It has a new touch enabled Login screen.


  • All new Start Screen which shows all running applications. This screen has a nice touch enabled visualization.


  • A new RSS reader with proper visualization


  • The new Start panel at the right side of the screen which also includes some common buttons like search, settings etc.


  • This is the application switching technique by dragging the app from the right. This is replacement of the Alt + Tab task switching mechanism.


  • Hookable application by a Grid Splitter. You can use the splitter to resize the visible part of the application UI.



  • Touch enabled IE 10 with a nice tabs panel with Thumbnail preview.


  • Feature rich new onscreen keyboard which now shows frequent list and pinned items too.


  • The older desktop with desktop applications loaded, where you can drag the Start Screen to switch between the views.


  • Attach applications present in the Start Screen along with the desktop view and work simultaneously.




A Quick Preview

Here is the video that demonstrates the new functionalities of Microsoft Windows 8:



My thought about this is, it will bring the revolution to the computing world with a rich user interface and bring the concept of Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Surface in the same page. For more details, visit: Previewing ‘Windows 8’ at Microsoft News Center.

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