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The Weekly News Digest of is out. This week we have total 71 article news posted in Silverlight-Zone on various topics like Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, LightSwitch and XNA. Like always, Windows Phone 7 articles are trending much than Core Silverlight articles. I think, to start viewing some new links on Silverlight, we have to wait more time for the next build of Silverlight 5.


In this post, I am going to share all the daily news digest so that, you can find the all the links posted there daily. Also, I am going to share the top 5 posts of this week (3rd July 2011 to 9th July 2011). Read to know more.


Top 5 Posts of the Week

Above the fold most demanded post was from Stephan Forte who had a very good post on the future of Silverlight and XAML. If you have a confusion about the future of Silverlight, you must read it. The other four top posts are from Richard Edmonds, Colin Eberhardt, WP7 App hub and ErikEJ.


Richard had a news that Nokia delayed there first Windows Phone 7 device launch, Colin described a good topic on Silverlight to HTML5, WP7 App Hub mentioned the news of Mango release and Erik had a very good post on WP7/SQL CE Resources.


Find the links of the above posts here and read them now:

Daily News Headlines of the Week

This section is for those, who didn't get a chance to read the daily news posts digest at Find the links towards the daily digest here and find out if you missed some good posts:

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