Solution for “Tool makepri.exe cannot be found. Please install Windows Modern SDK”

In Windows 8 if you installed Visual Studio 11 separately, you may notice the error “Tool makepri.exe cannot be found. Please install Windows Modern SDK” while building Metro Style Windows application. What is that and how to resolve this issue?


In this post I will discuss about this issue and will also give you the solution. If you are facing the similar issue, read to find out more.


What is the Error?

If you have installed Visual Studio 11 separately, in such case while developing Metro style Windows App you may find the below error while building the project. This is due to some bits were not installed properly in your development environment. If you faced the below error, you need to install proper files to get rid out of it:


Visual Studio 11 Error - Please install Windows Modern SDK



Solution to Fix Windows Modern SDK Error

In order to fix this issue you need to have the developer preview installed in your PC. In that ISO image all the necessary bits are available. You will face this issue when you have installed just the Windows 8 OS (either the 32 bit or 64 bit) and then installed the Visual Studio 11 separately. In that case, your development environment will not have the required bits. Install the complete Windows 8 Developer Preview with complete developer tools to fix this issue.


Unofficial Alternative Solution

There is an alternative solution for this provided by Bil Simser in his blog post “Fixing the makepri.exe error on Windows 8”. This is not an official communication but you can go with that. Here are the steps provided in the blog post:

    • Download dependent binaries from here. It’s an Zip archive
    • Unzip it to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits” in 64-bit machine or “C:\Program Files\Windows Kits” in 32-bit machine. Make sure that, you overwritten the 8.0 folder.

End Note

Thanks to Mayur Tendulkar for sharing the alternate solution. If you have any other solution, please drop a line here. I will update the post with that content. Try to help the community with your solution.

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  1. Actually, there is solution rather than going ahead and doing whole installation again. And solution is mentioned here: http://bit.ly/pZXluH

  2. Thanks Mayur for providing the alternate solution. I have updated the post with that.

  3. @Kunal - Really good info and it solve my problem, I found the first solution. I did not know about the second one so, thanks Sachin to you too.

    Kunal, I went through your certain posts and all are good and informative, I am looking a bit from you on one of open-source utility, I will post it very soon and it under GiTHub repository. I hope, you will definitely find it useful.

  4. Seems the zip file is no longer in that server. Anyway to get it?

    On topic, it seems ridiculous the separate downloads don't have the complete set of files needed. But most of all why don;t they mention this anywhere.

  5. can`t download because file doesn`t exist,
    can i please get them? need them!

  6. Hmmmm... seems like the following downlink link is broken

  7. Could someone upload the needed files to somewhere please? All links I found are not working :(

  8. Looks like the ZIP file is missing. I will upload it to my server for your reference. Thanks for mentioning.

  9. I found a working link:

  10. Thanks for sharing. I will upload it to my web server.

  11. Guys, sorry for the delay. I updated the post with a new link, hosted on my own location. Here it is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7919724/Forum%20Shares/8.0.zip

  12. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80073CF6 "" what is this brother ?

  13. Kunal, I found something useful for me... hope this helps other guys here......


  14. Hi, you may also download Windows 10 version at :



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