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I have two Windows Phone 7 devices, one of them is the HTC 7 Pro and the other one is the Nokia Lumia 800. I was using HTC 7 Pro for quite a... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

I have two Windows Phone 7 devices, one of them is the HTC 7 Pro and the other one is the Nokia Lumia 800. I was using HTC 7 Pro for quite a long time but when I received Nokia Lumia 800 by participating in the Microsoft iUnlockJoy program, I am using that only.


Few people asked me to write a review on Windows mobile phones and hence I decided to write a small review on my current experience on Nokia Lumia 800. This post will cover specification of Nokia Lumia 800 and my review on that.





When I first received the box, I found it very slim and light weighted other than the HTC 7 Pro which has a Querty keyboard inside and thus makes it heavy. First thing that I gone thru was the specification and here is that for you.


Nokia Lumia 800 Specification:


Operating System Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
Processor 1.4 GHz Qualcomm processor
Built-In RAM 512 MB
Built-In Storage 16 GB
Screen Size 3.7"
Screen Resolution 480 x 800
Multi Touchscreen Yes
Camera Resolution 8 Megapixel
Secondary Camera No
Dual SIM No
Height 117 cm
Width 61 cm
Depth 12.1 mm
Approximate Weight 142 gm
Network Band Quad Band
Wi-Fi Yes
Built-in Flash Yes
Bluetooth Yes
GPS Receiver Yes
Accessories Lumia 800 device
  Nokia Data Cable (USB Charger)
  Nokia AC to USB Charger
  Nokia Stereo Headset
  Soft Cover




Nokia Lumia 800: Power and Micro SIM portThe second thing that I tried very first was to insert my existing SIM and noticed that, it doesn’t support the normal SIM; very bad right? I had to cut my existing SIM card from the nearest Nokia store to make it compatible with the device.




Where is the battery of my device? Oh no! We can’t open/change the battery. In case of replacement, you have to go to the Nokia service center. That’s not good Nokia.


As the Nokia Lumia 800 comes with the latest Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) operating system, it is not needed to update it at the initial state. As there was a problem with the battery performance, Nokia published a patch recently which you can install to boost your battery performance.


Nokia Lumia 800: Stylish lookThe screen resolution and performance of the device is really awesome with compare to the other devices. The screen is very touch sensitive. While scrolling a list, it sometimes think the touch as click and proceeds to the item details which is sometime irritating. Once you have the device in your hand, you will feel it yourself.


The next thing I tried is the camera power, just after synching my device with Windows Live ID. Compare to HTC 7 Pro, it had a very good resolution. Took few snaps from high hill and the image quality of far distance object was really catchable.


Few Nokia applications those comes free with the device are: Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Contacts Transfer, Network Setup, TuneIn Radio, Tango Video Calls. There are few more applications available from Nokia which you can download freely from Marketplace too.


Update (one bug in Lumia 800):

After few more days using the Nokia Lumia 800, I noticed that it hangs very frequently while hanging up a call. I thought it happened just like other device or OS, but now I am confirm on this issue. If you speak for a longer time and the screen locks at that time, it is very difficult to disconnect the call. Few times the screen itself doesn’t display. After pressing the unlock button for multiple times, it shows the lock screen. Hanging up the connection also becomes a hectic job during that time. I think it’s a bug in the device and Nokia should fix it as quicker as they can.



The things those I wanted to see in the device are: Dual SIM support and secondary camera, which was lacking behind in the device and I hope that those will be available in the next versions of Lumia. In addition to Dual SIM support and secondary camera, the things I didn’t like is the support to micro SIM only and unable to change the battery. Nokia should think first that, maximum people uses a normal SIM which are compatible with almost all devices. If they want to bring micro SIM, there should be a port to add normal SIM too.

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