Can we Upgrade our WP7 Device to Support WP8?

Today in the Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft clearly mentioned that, there will not be any kind of upgrades of Windows Phone 8 in Windows Phone 7.x devices. Instead of that, they will throw a upgrade to WP7.8 for all the WP7.x handsets to fulfill the transitions between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.


This post will cover the new interesting stuff (from the Windows Phone Summit) that Windows Phone 7.8 will have to give you a look & feel of Windows Phone 8.


Start Screen

The Windows Phone 7.8 will have the new start screen of Windows Phone 8 and will remove the top-right side arrow to get the list of installed apps. It will fill the whole screen with various size of Tiles: small, medium and large. User will be able to customize their Start Screen tile with those three different sizes instead of the two present in current Windows Phone 7 devices.


Here’s a sneak peek of the new Start Screen which is coming next in Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows Phone 7.8:


New Start Screen of WP8 and WP7.8


Windows Phone 7.8 will be delivered to all the WP7 devices which you can install using network connection. So, I am looking forward to get this update installed in my HTC7 Pro and Nokia Lumia 800 to try out the new Start Screen of Windows Phone 8. What about you?

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