Applications for WP8 SDK Preview to be open for WPDev on 12th September 2012

Windows Phone Developers get ready to for WP8 SDK Preview on 12th September 2012. The final release of WP8SDK will be available publicly later 2012. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on

Today Microsoft announced that they are near to the final release of WP8 SDK tools for developers after doing several testing by selected partners and developers. Though the final WP8 SDK will be available publicly later this year but they are going to open applications for limited developers.


If you are interested to getting your hands dirty with the new bits, read out the complete post for details.


Todd Brix, Microsoft employee of Windows Phone division announced in a blog post that, they are near to the final release of Windows Phone 8 SDK tools which will be available publicly later this year. But before that, they are going to make this kit available to more developers through a Preview Program on 12th September 2012.


Don’t be happy on the availability news on 12th September. First read what he said in his post:


Today I’m happy to announce that the time has come to make the near-final kit available to more developers through the Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Program. Next Wednesday I’ll share detailed instructions on how current Windows Phone developers with published apps can apply. But I do want to set your expectations that program access will be limited.


Yes, you read it right. The new WP8 SDK Preview will be available to a limited no. of developers through a preview program. Definitely, there will be a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for this and the developers who get the access will not be able to share anything to others.


The good news is for those limited developer who already published Windows Phone applications in the Marketplace. But those who published from a company account, Sorry for them.


Todd Brix will share a new post on 12th September where he will mention detailed instructions on how the current developers can apply to get the SDK to explore and get started with the new wave of WP app development process. After this application process, Microsoft will review them and limit the SDK availability to a no. of developers only.


So till then, all the best. Hope to get some news on 12th if the luck favours.

Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on
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