As mentioned in yesterday’s Windows Phone 8 launch event, Microsoft publicly released the WP8 SDK for developers. You can now build apps targeting Windows Phone 8 devices. You will be also able to program for Windows Phone 7 devices in Visual Studio 2012 now.


In this post, I am sharing the downloadable links of both web and offline ISO versions. Go through the System Requirements first before downloading and installing it.


System Requirements

Before going to the next steps to download the Windows Phone 8 SDK, you should check out the below System Requirements first:


System Supported Base
Processor x64 based (64-bit) Processor
RAM 4 GB (Recommended)
Free space Minimum 4 GB hard disk space
Operating System 64-bit Windows 8 or higher



Windows Phone 8 Emulator will be installed if your processor supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) in Windows 8 or higher system.


When you try to run a Windows Phone 8 project in Windows Phone 8 Emulator and if your system is not enabled for Hyper-V, you will be automatically prompted by the system to enable the Hyper-V. Enabling it will restart your system.


Download Windows Phone 8 SDK

Windows Phone 8 SDK brings you an environment to build phone applications targeting Windows Phone 7.1 and Windows Phone 8 OS in Windows 8. That means you can now develop applications for both Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8.0 using Visual Studio 2012 in 64-bit Windows 8 environment.


Make sure that you are installing this SDK in 64-bit Windows 8 system. Check out the system requirements for further details. You can download WP8 SDK from below:

You can chose any one of the above installer from the above list to install the Windows Phone 8 SDK. Note that, if your system doesn’t support Windows Phone 8 Emulator, you can still develop WP8 applications.


So, enjoy building your Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8.0 applications in Visual Studio 2012 in Windows 8 x64 bit system.

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