Infragistics announces their NetAdvantage webinar series which will be held from 23rd April 2013 to 25th April 2013. The webinar series will cover most of their controls which includes Ignite UI, Windows Forms, XAML controls, NucliOS for iOS and Windows UI.


This post will cover a brief about the agenda and a link for you to register to the webinar series. As the seats for this webinar is limited, register for it now.


Excitement begins just one week before Infragistics unleashes the 13.1 version of NetAdvantage. They now came with superior end user experiences with quality tools to create better, more modern applications for the developers. In the latest release of NetAdvantage, experience the latest in Mobile and Touch capabilities, with the promise that only NetAdvantage offers both native and hybrid controls, in addition to established toolsets, that make it easy to design and build enterprise-ready applications for every major platform and device.


If you are looking around to know more about it, join Infragistics with their 13.1 webinar series to learn about product highlights, new controls, and upgraded functionality. Find out why NetAdvantage 13.1 is the Ultimate UX solution. Register now for the sessions that are right for you.


Infragistics announces The NetAdvantage Webinar series (April 23-25)



Here is the brief agenda of the webinar series organizing by Infragistics from 23rd April to 25th April:


Ignite UI Keynote (Jason Beres) April 23, 11:00 AM EDT
Arguably our biggest Ignite UI release yet, come to learn about the new features and functionality in the most complete HTML5 & jQuery UI toolset on the market. Learn about the newest responsive web design features, Layout Managers and Grid features. But we won't stop there; you'll also get the details on all of the latest dashboarding features and capabilities in the Ignite UI data visualization & Geospatial controls.
What's New in Windows Forms 13.1 (Jason Beres) April 23, 01:00 PM EDT
Revamped looks. Refreshed functionality. Reboot your WinForms Applications with the most complete, full-featured developer toolset available anywhere.
What's New for .NET Devs in 13.1 XAML Controls (Brian Lagunas & Nick Landry) April 24, 11:00 AM EDT
From the fastest data grids to dynamic data visualization dashboards, find the controls you need with NetAdvantage for Silverlight and NetAdvantage for WPF. This webinar covers the new controls and features in release 13.1 of both XAML platforms.
What's New for iOS Developers in NucliOS 13.1 (Nick Landry) April 24, 01:00 PM EDT
NucliOS provides iOS controls to develop high-performance, highly visual, fully native iPad and iPhone applications. Use the powerful Grid, versatile Charts, Gauges and more to build consumer and enterprise-ready apps in Objective C with Xcode and Cocoa Touch, or in C# using Xamarin.iOS (MonoTouch). This webinar covers the new controls and features in NucliOS release 13.1.
New Product Launch: Introducing NetAdvantage for Windows UI (Brian Lagunas) April 25, 11:00 AM EDT
Like Windows 8, Infragistics brings together the best of the PC and tablet in this suite. No matter what the platform or category, apps created with NetAdvantage for Windows UI will be bold, performant, and drive revenue through the Windows Store.



Register for the Infragistics webinar series


Don’t forget to register for the event as the total no. of seats are limited. Attend the webinar to learn more about their products and build eye catching applications for your end users.

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