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XAML Spy is the visual runtime inspector for Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store applications which provides direct access to UI visual tree, runtime UI modifications to check/set different properties temporarily, monitor events, extract package contents and much more.


With the release of XAML Spy version 2, the company introduced a light weight Free version for the XAML designers/developers to play with their XAML files. Read more to grab your copy.


Like IE developer toolbar (for HTML/CSS), XAML Spy provides you access to visual tree and/or automation tree of XAML applications where you can modify the properties to check the look in runtime. You can also monitor the events, extract the complete XAML, explore application package content, explore isolated storage, do remote debugging and many other things of your Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store applications.


Basically, XAML Spy is a commercial application but with the release of version 2 of the product, the company also released a Express version which is Free for the developers and designers with limited functionalities. The product is available as both standalone application and Visual Studio extension.


Comparison Chart

Here is the complete comparison chart of the features of Express Edition (Free) and Commercial version of XAML Spy:


Comparison Chart of XAML Spy (Express and License)


When installing XAML Spy for the first time, you can evaluate the product for a limited period. During the evaluation period you have access to all features of XAML Spy. Once the evaluation period has expired, XAML Spy will automatically switch to the XAML Spy Express edition, unless you purchase a license.


This is really a very good tool for all Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store application/game developers and designers. If you have not tried it yet, download the free Express Edition now.

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