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Almost everyone uses 3rd party controls to reduce the burden building them from scratch and when it is Telerik control libraries, it’s pretty awesome! Telerik announces an offer to help the Microsoft developer community to use their product for Free.


It’s a very limited time offer. So, don’t be fool. Claim your free license of Windows Phone, Windows Store control libraries and save some money to use in other good things.


Telerik licenses for WinDev and WPDev is Free during TechEd


To celebrate the Microsoft developer community and help you build the best possible apps, Telerik is giving away their best tools for Windows 8 and Windows Phone app development — for free — no strings attached.

Claim your Telerik License — or licenses — before the end of TechEd on May 15, 2014.

As a proud member of the .NET developer community, Telerik is giving away their great Windows app development tools. Analysts are raving about Windows 8.1 and these tools enhance all it has to offer.

And here’s the best part: When Telerik officially launches Telerik tools for Windows Universal Apps, your license for Telerik UI for Windows 8 or Telerik UI for Windows Phone will be automatically upgraded. What could be better? Don’t delay to treat yourself as a fool in future. When TechEd ends, so does this offer.


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