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Microsoft reveals the news… the first update is coming up for Windows Phone 8.1 preview users next week with new features along with Cortana in new markets. This update will be rolling out to users who activated the preview updates in their devices.


In this post, sharing some insights about the new features and new markets where Cortana will be available. Read out the post for more details.




My Cortana started asking me “What am I doing next week?” The answer is simple now – Try out the new bits of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 next week once the update starts rolling out to the preview users. The other users have to wait until it publicly starts rolling out next.


Chinese Cortana is coming up with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 (, Joe Belfiore of Microsoft announced in a blog post that, Microsoft is going to rollout the first update of Windows Phone 8.1 OS to the preview developers with new features to help the end users to utilize the Windows Phone devices properly in their day to day life.


Also, with this update, Cortana is coming up to new markets like India, China, UK, Australia and Canada. The Chinese users to get a cute Cortana (named “Xiao Na”) with a face and eyes.


Cortana for China will have additional features to fulfil the expectations and needs of the China market. Other than the new markets, Cortana will also get an update for US users which will include new natural language scenarios, snooze times for reminders and a number of neat additions to her personality.


Apart from this, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to get some more new features and they are:

    • Live Folders – Live Folders are special tiles on your Start Screen to organize apps into folders. The live tiles appear in the tile of the folders to give an organized preview of your apps. If you want to create a Live Folder, just drag one tile on top of another tile. It will group them into one Live Folders tile and show in your Start Screen.

    • Store Live Tile – Store Live Tile now will allow you to get the latest information about latest apps and games through live tile, when pinned to Start Screen you will get updates on latest apps in the tile refreshed every 6 hours.

    • Multi-selection of SMS – Now you will be able to select multiple SMS in the SMS window and then perform multiple delete and/or forward operations on it. Isn’t it a nice feature? Earlier we had to tap on each grouped chats/SMS and delete them one by one.

    • Apps Corner – Using Apps Corner you will be able to specify the apps that you want to access in special sandbox mode. This feature will help the business to specify selected apps to use by the employees. This will also allow you to boot directly to a specific app.

    • Enhanced privacy and security – The latest build will ensure you to have a better privacy and security in your phone when accessed in public network.

    • Performance improvements – Apart from these new features, Microsoft also added performance improvements in the latest OS update which also includes performance improvements in XBOX music app.


I am really excited to try this update as soon as it comes up as part of the developer preview program. What about you? Drop a line below with your comments.


Source: Windows Phone Blog


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