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Microsoft released a new beta app named “Gestures Beta” for Lumia Windows Phone devices which enables you to interact with your phone device in different useful ways. If activated, you can gesture to manage your calls and silence your alarms.


In this post, sharing more information about the app and the link to download the app from the Windows Phone Store. Use it and share your feedback to Microsoft.



Gesture Beta app for Windows Phone (Lumia) devices can perform the following functions:

    • Silence incoming calls when I place the phone face down on a surface
    • Answer incoming calls when I raise the phone to my ear
    • Toggle speaker mode during a call when I place the phone face up on a surface or raise it back to my ear
    • Mute the microphone when I place the phone face down on a surface during a call



Once downloaded, you need to launch the app for the first time to activate the features. When it activates, it will ask you to restart the device. This is necessary, else the functionalities will not apply to the shell.


Once rebooted, try calling to that device from another number and perform the said operation mentioned above. You will notice the new gesture features in your device. If it does not work for the first time, please restart your device once again and test. Due to a limited sets of sensors Lumia 530, 630 and 635 do not support all the features offered in the Gestures Beta app.


Reboot of device necessary for the first time - Gestures Beta for Windows Phone Lumia (     Gestures Beta Settings Page - Windows Phone Lumia (



Download: Gestures Beta app (Windows Phone Store)


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