Now I am a #Telerik Developer Expert

Now I am a #Telerik Developer Expert

Yesterday, 6th January 2015, Telerik introduced a new developer program called “Telerik Developer Experts”, announced few months ago by Burke Holland (Director of Developer Relations). Today I am pleased to announce that, I am also part of this program as Telerik Developer Expert.


In this post, sharing a little about the program, few links etc. Thank you John Bristowe, Burke Holland and Telerik for nomination and consideration.


Telerik Developer Expert - Kunal Chowdhury


At the end of last year, I received a mail from John Bristowe that, I have been nominated for the Telerik Developer Experts program by Burke Holland (Director of Developer Relations). Now I am part of this program among 31 developers across 13 countries (only one from India, at this moment) and my expertise are UI for Silverlight, UI for Windows 8, UI for Windows Phone.


What is Telerik Developer Experts program?

To describe more about the program, I am sharing few lines from the post “Introducing the Telerik Developer Experts” by John Bristowe:


The Telerik Developer Expert program recognizes individuals who have a deep understanding of one or more Telerik technologies and take the time to share that knowledge with members of the developer community. These are folks like you who are speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, contributing to open source projects, or assisting other developers through our community forums and sites.


Today, we’re launching the Telerik Developer Experts program, featuring 31 developers in 13 countries. These developers are working hard to help others better understand our products and technologies.


Meet the other Telerik Developer Experts:


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  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Great Sir :) Congrats

  3. Can you create a new article about useful blogs' Silverlight or other platform (you known) to everyone?
    Thank for all your sharing!!!

  4. congrats Kunal :). what is the update of chrome supporting silverlight.


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