Microsoft announced the availability of a new open source library to integrate various functions of Facebook in your Windows apps. The new Windows SDK for Facebook will allow developers to enhance socializing in their Universal Windows apps.


This post will cover link to download the SDK, features list currently available and few more interesting links to continue with the integration.



The open source library, Windows SDK for Facebook, is available in GIT Hub as a native library and does not depend on the CLR. You can use this SDK to build application with Facebook integration for Universal apps running in desktop and mobile devices. It currently supports the following platforms:  Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Here is the features list as stated by Microsoft:

      • Authorization
        • Login
        • Logout
        • Login Button
        • Profile Picture control
      • Dialogs
        • Feed dialog
        • Request dialog
      • Graph
        • Custom Stories
        • Post to user’s feed
        • Upload Photo
        • Like a Page/Object

Download SDK and Samples

The new SDK is an improvement above the existing Facebook .NET SDK with additional capabilities. Would you like to explore it and integrate in your Universal Windows apps? You can get the SDK from GIT:


Microsoft also attached few samples to start with the integration of the features, which are also available in GIT. Samples are available in C# and C++ to get you started with it.


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