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Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 build for the Windows Insiders and has already aired to the Fast ring users. If you are one of them, you might have already received update notification of the Windows 10 build 10565. This build came with some new features and bug fixes.


Read more to find out the list of new features, bug fixes and known issues. As it is a preview build, known and unknown issues are quite possible.


Microsoft released Windows 10 Insiders build: 10565


After the last Preview build 10547 for Windows 10, Microsoft released another build labeled 10565 for the Windows Insiders in the fast ring. This build incorporates few new features and improvements along with bug fixes. As it is a preview build, it has some known issues as well as unknown issues not yet reported. Before downloading the latest bits, check out the list mentioned below. Try out this build and report any issues or features suggestions via the feedback app.


What’s new in Windows 10 build 10565?

Here is a list of new features and improvements which you will find in the latest Windows 10 build 10565:

    • Skype messaging, calling and video capabilities will come integrated into Windows 10 through the Messaging, Phone and Skype video universal Windows apps.
    • In Microsoft Edge, you can now hover over your open tabs and get a preview of what’s on those websites.
    • In this build, you’ll see a first look at the new syncing feature in Microsoft Edge that lets you sync your Favorites and Reading list items.
    • Cortana is able to intelligently understand your inked notes – setting reminders based on locations, times and numbers.
    • Cortana will be able to keep track of your bookings for movies and ticketed events through your email confirmations.
    • Two hours prior to the event start time, you’ll get helpful information to be sure you know where to go and get there on time, including an option to book and track an Uber ride directly from Cortana.
    • Window title bars will now appear darker which you can adjust the color by going to Settings > Personalization > Colors.
    • Adjustments and improvements to the context menus on Start including new icons for tile adjustments.
    • This build has another batch of new icons for devices (in Device Manager). Registry Editor finally gets a new icon.
    • If you install this build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview on a PC and it doesn’t automatically activate, you can enter the product key from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 used to activate the prior Windows version on the same device to activate Windows. If you do a clean install of Windows 10 by booting off the media, you can also enter the product key from prior Windows versions on qualifying devices during setup.
    • A new mode has been introduced that makes your default printer the last printer you used. The ability to set a default printer by network location has been removed in this build.

What has been fixed in Windows 10 build 10565?

Microsoft has fixed a no. of reported issues in this build and here’s the list of fixes announced by Gabriel Aul in his blog post:

    • You should no longer see a warning message in the Settings app > Update & Security > Windows Update regarding changed ring settings for preview builds unless you actually change your ring settings.
    • Background audio playback works again when apps like Groove are minimized.
    • Microsoft fixed the issue where clicking on the system icons in the notification area quickly results in Windows Shell blocking the launch of fly-outs like Audio, Networking etc.
    • Microsoft has made adjustments to many of the context menus to make them smaller for using them with a mouse.
    • You can now pin contacts to the Start menu from the People app.
    • Certain apps won’t appear twice anymore when pinned to the taskbar.
    • Hiding desktop icons via context menu on the desktop now works.
    • Windows Store apps should now be updating automatically.

What are the known issues in this build?

Every preview build has it’s own set of known issues and the same is for this build too. Here is a list of known issues shared by Microsoft:

    • The search box does not work if you are in a locale where Cortana is not available.
    • The Xbox app for Windows 10 will consume gigabytes of memory on your PC if you have any Win32 games (non -Windows Store games) installed on your PC that have been identified as games or added by you in the Xbox app. Closing the Xbox app will release your PC’s memory.
    • WebM and VP9 have been temporarily removed from the flight builds. VP9 implementation is intended to ship in Windows. Expect VP9 to return soon in a future release.
    • Small form-factor devices like the Dell Venue 8 Pro that boot with rotation or virtual mode screen size set larger than the physical screen size will experience a blue screen on upgrade and will roll back to the previous build.


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