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Most of the developers in the Microsoft platform uses C# as their programming language. C# is now matured to version 6 and has come with new features in its different versions. As a programmer, we should know all these features. This will not only help you in cracking interviews but also help you decide whether you should upgrade your project to latest.


I have managed to talk to experienced developers who are using the latest version of C# (6.0) in their work on Freemake software. That's what they think about C# conveniency:

C# provides a wide variety of ready instruments for developers. Due to these solutions, our developing process is much faster and less risky than if we have used other programming languages like C++. C# allows us to add new functionality quickly and deliver upgraded versions with bug fixes to customers in a short time. The ecosystem of C# is really well-thought-out so the possibility to make a mistake is reduced to a minimum.


In this blog post I am sharing a small infographic, which structured all the different versions of C# along with features and related Visual Studio version with which it released.

Evolution of C# (1.0 - 6.0) -

I hope the image will give you clear visibility and doesn’t require more details to write here in this post. If you are new to C# 6.0, I have explained all the features in my blog. Just do a search to find more on that topic.


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