These days, most of us use Skype for voice call or chat to connect with relatives and friends. Also, this is used in many organizations as chat client to connect with the other team members. If you are using the free account and don’t have Skype credit, you will see ads from Microsoft in the client application.


Sometime this is annoying! Today in this small post, we will learn about a workaround to hide the Skype advertisements from load.


A workaround to hide the Skype advertisements (


Before starting with the process, let me tell you that, it’s just a workaround to hide the ads. This process will not remove the entire ads block, but will show a placeholder with an empty ads space. Also, this trick will affect your Skype home and that will not load.


To apply this trick to hide the ads, open your “Internet Properties” from the Control Panel. Then navigate to the “Security” tab, select the “Restricted sites” item as shown below and click on the button “Sites”.


Internet Properties - Security - Restricted Sites (


This will open the Restricted sites dialog in screen. Enter the URL “” in the Text Box (Input Box) and click on the button labeled “Add”. Click on “OK” and then restart Skype. This will ask the system to restrict the website to connect. As a result, the ads which are distributed from will not load.


Thus you will see a blank placeholder for ads in the Skype client app. It’s better than loading the annoyed apps, which makes us sometime uncomfortable.


Internet Properties - Security - Add new URL to Restricted Sites (


I hope that the post/trick was helpful and that will help you to block all those ads which pops up on your Skype client app. Subscribe to my blog to get all such Tips & Tricks directly delivered to your inbox. If you have any queries, do let me know in the below comments section or ping me over Twitter.


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