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Now as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been rolled out, Microsoft started preparing for the next major build targeting the year 2017 as the next major release milestone. Those who are already part of the Windows Insiders program, here's the question: "Should I still be part of it?".


This question has been asked to me recently by many people. Thus thought to put the answer in this blog post, so that, it can help the others too who are not directly connected with me.


Should I still stay as part of the Windows Insiders program, while Microsoft plans for Redstone 2 for fast ring (


Microsoft already replaced the current release branch with the code of Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version: 1607, build: 14393) and started preparing the new build from the development branch for the Windows Insiders in the fast ring. This will feature the Redstone 2 changes in coming days, but before that, they have started restructuring the one core code and refactoring stuffs.


If you are a Windows Insiders and in the fast ring, you will soon start getting the new builds from the development branch having structural changes in code and probably with no new features. Due to this changes, there would be lot many issues in those coming builds unless it becomes stable and this might result in malfunctioning in your device.


So, if you are ready to try the new insider builds and give regular feedback to Microsoft, stay in the fast ring but in a test device. To keep your primary device in working condition unless and until a stable build comes up, change your ring settings to either "Slow" or "Release Preview" to ensure you stay safe from these changes. This will also ensure that, you get the major bug fixes and security related patches time to time from Microsoft for the public anniversary build.


To change the release settings, open your Windows 10 Settings page and navigate to Update & security -> Windows Insider Program and set your insider level to "Slow" or "Release Preview". You can of course change it later and come back to the insiders fast ring whenever you want.


Did this answer your query? If not, drop a line below or ping me on Twitter. I will try to answer you as soon as I can.



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