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As the big giant is planning to wave out the Windows 10 Creators Update in April 2017, most of the people are excited to get the updates as soon as it is available. But there are some people or corporates who does not want to install the update immediately.


This post details about how to delay installing the Creators Update at the beginning and temporarily push it to future for couple of months.




Before starting with this post let me tell you in advance that, if you are running Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise version, only then you will be able to defer it for few months until it is ready for business branch.


During the Windows 10 Anniversary Update we have witnessed that the update was not so smooth in few users system, this can happen with this release too, due to environmental differences. If you are smart enough and ready to accept the challenge to install as soon as it is available, check for updates and prepare yourself for the major upgrade.


In case you are not willing to update right this moment and want to wait until it stabilizes, you could do that by navigating to Windows Update Settings page.


How to temporarily defer installing Windows 10 Creators Update for few months? (


As shown in the above screenshot, click on the link that says 'Advanced options', which will navigate you to the advanced update settings page. There you could find a checkbox with a label 'Defer features updates' (as shown below). If you check this box, you will be temporarily move to 'Current Branch for Business' from the regular 'Release Branch'.


How to temporarily defer installing Windows 10 Creators Update for few months? (


When you turn it on, you will continue to get the regular security updates but won't receive the big upgrade for at least few months until Microsoft decides that it is ready for the Current Branch for Business.


Please note that the upgrade will be rolled out in phases and it may take a while to roll out on your system. If you are already running the anniversary update, check for latest updates and prepare yourself to receive Creators Update as soon as it is available before others receive it.



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