While Microsoft is working on the OS changes for 20H1, which is expected to release in early next year, Microsoft released it's first Windows 10 SDK for 20H1. If you are a Windows Insider, you can now download the SDK, and start preparing your application(s) for the 20H1 update.


Download Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18890 for 20H1


As of now, Microsoft already released few Windows 10 Insiders Preview builds to Windows Insiders in the Skip Ahead and Fast Ring. Now, they have released the Windows 10 SDK (Software Development Kit) Preview Build 18890 for 20H1 to the insiders, so that they can start preparing for the update, which is going to ship early next year.


This build works in conjunction with previously released SDKs, Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019. You can install this SDK (in any of the Windows Insiders OS build) and continue to submit your apps that target Windows 10 build 1903 or earlier to the Microsoft Store.


How to download the latest SDK Preview build?

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18890 for 20H1 will install ONLY on Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. You must be a Windows Insider to download and install it.


The Preview SDK can be downloaded from the developer section on Windows Insider. Microsoft also released the ISO image in order to assist with script access to the SDK. In case you need, here's the direct link to the SDK ISO image for offline installation.


What's new and improved in latest SDK build?

The new update includes Message Compiler (mc.exe), that now detects the Unicode byte order mark (BOM) in .mc files and avoids one-definition-rule (ODR) problems in MC-generated C/C++ ETW helpers caused by conflicting configuration macros.


It now also supports Unicode input (.ini, .tpl and source code) files and Unicode output (.tmh) files. By default the output files will be encoded using the current code page (CP_ACP).


TraceLoggingProvider.h now avoids one-definition-rule (ODR) problems caused by conflicting configuration macros. The TraceLoggingWrite macro has also been updated to enable better code sharing between similar events using variadic templates.


Apart from these, there exists a breaking changes and a number of new APIs since Windows 10 SDK version 1903, build 18362.



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