Visual Studio 2019 (version 16.3) is now available for download - Supports .NET Core 3.0, C# 8.0, F# 4.7 and more

During the .NET Conference 2019, Microsoft released the next feature update (version 16.3) of Visual Studio 2019 that now supports .NET Core 3.0, C# 8.0 and F# 4.7. The new update also brings many new enhancements to the IDE.


Continue reading further to know about the new enhancements along with the link to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2019.


Download the latest version (16.3) of Visual Studio 2019


  • Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3 is now available for download.
  • The latest version of Visual Studio 2019 supports .NET Core 3.0, C# 8.0 and F# 4.7.
  • Experimental Visual Studio Terminal is part of version 16.3.


What's new in Visual Studio 2019 (v16.3)?

  • Support for adding new Open API & GRPC service references to .NET Core 3.0 projects.
  • Support for F# 4.7 and various F# tooling improvements
  • Improvements for C++ developers, including toggleable line comments and improved IntelliSense member list filtering.
  • Search through recent projects, solutions, and folders within the start window.
  • Search for templates in the New Project Dialog with advanced search capabilities.
  • Publish .NET Core 3.0 worker projects to Azure Container Registry, DockerHub, etc.
  • .NET Productivity additions in this release include the ability to rename the containing file when renaming a class as well as Edit and Continue enhancements within the debugger.
  • Debug Azure Functions running in Linux containers.
  • Search individual components while installing or modifying in the Visual Studio Installer.
  • Streamlined Visual Studio update experience that integrates Visual Studio IDE and Installer updates.
  • Differentiate workloads and components when adding them in the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Code Search via VS Search (Ctrl + Q)
  • Easily find newly installed project templates, view selected values on filters, and pin recently used templates in the New Project Dialog.
  • Easily configure your applications' dependencies in publish profiles using the new [Add Dependency] wizard.

  • The Visual Studio installer components for .NET Core 2.1 and 2.2 now also include templates (instead of just the runtime).
  • Tooling support for serving static assets from within a Razor class library.
  • Updated Python Testing Experience using the newly-added Python testing framework pytest as well as a modified unittest experience.
  • Reduced time to index large folders and search for files in these folders.
  • Added support for Xcode 11 and iOS 13.
  • Added support for Android 10.
  • Use XAML Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms. to rapidly iterate on your Xamarin.Forms UI.
  • Android Material Design in the XAML Previewer for Xamarin.Forms.
  • New constraint editor in the Xamarin Designer for iOS.
  • Enabled publishing iOS apps on Windows.
  • There are new options for editing .plist files.
  • Improved tasks view when debugging in Parallel Stacks Window.
  • A variety of C++ productivity improvements, including new C++ Core checks, a new default semantic colorization scheme, and on-by-default IntelliCode
  • Support for parallel builds in MSBuild-based Linux C++ projects that leverage the native WSL experience.
  • .NET Productivity additions in this release include the ability to wrap chains of fluent calls, introduce a local variable immediately after writing its initializer, .NET Core tooling support for analyzers, and an option to expand the list of completions for unimported types.
  • JavaScript/TypeScript syntax classifications and refactorings are more responsive in files.
  • Updated the C++ IntelliCode base model to be on-by-default and included Repeated Edits for C#.
  • Experimental Visual Studio Terminal
  • Support for TypeScript 3.6 and more responsive JavaScript/TypeScript refactorings.
  • The Performance Profiler via ALT + F2 now provides a database tool for .Net Core projects.
  • Added a prompt to install Docker Desktop when adding Docker Support.
  • Added the capability to load symbols manually for Azure Watson and .NET Core remote debugging.
  • Restored certificate generation and improved the UWP Package signing experience.


How to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2019?

If you already have Visual Studio 2019 installed on your system, you can check for update notification. You can also run the Visual Studio Installer and update your installation.


In case you want to download the latest installer and/or would like to install it fresh in a system, click here and select the right edition that you would like to install.



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