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Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview build 19603 to the Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. The latest build brings some new improvements to the File Explorer and Storage Settings. It also includes a list of bug fixes.


To know more about the latest improvements being added to the latest build of Windows 10, continue reading further.


Windows 10 build 19603 brings File Explorer integration in WSL, cleanup recommendations, and more


  • Windows 10 build 19603 is now available to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring.
  • You can now easily access file system of your WSL directly from the File Explorer.
  • Windows 10 will now recommend unused files and apps for cleanup.


What's new in Windows 10 File Explorer?

If you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10, you can now access the Linux file system directly from the Windows 10 File Explorer. Though the ability to access your Linux files were available since Windows 10 version 1903, but now you can easily get them from your left-hand navigation pane in File Explorer.


For this to work, you must need Windows 10 insiders preview build 19603 or higher.


Selecting the Linux icon will show you a view of all your distros, and selecting those will place you in the Linux root file system for that distro.


What's new in Windows 10 File Explorer?


What's new in Windows 10 Storage Settings?

Windows 10 build 19603 also brings improvements to Storage Settings. When you open the Storage Settings page, Windows 10 will recommend a list of unused files and applications for cleanup to gain the extra disk space. As Windows cannot predict whether you want to delete personal files, uninstall apps, or remove local copies of files synced to the cloud, this tool will gather all contents in one page which you can remove easily with a few clicks.


What's new in Windows 10 Storage Settings?


What else in latest build of Windows 10?

Microsoft also introduced a new news consumption app (News Bar) for Windows 10, which will bring you the latest news from the Microsoft News network of over 4,500 publishers across the globe. You can customize the experience to make it just right for you. If you need to focus, minimize it with a click, and bring it back when you’re ready.


Microsoft also added support for Canon’s latest CR3 raw format to Windows 10. To access this file format, you need to get the latest version of the Raw Image Extension (version: 1.0.307610.0) from the Microsoft Store.


Apart from these new features and enhancements, Microsoft also added general improvements and bug fixes to the latest version of Windows 10. To know more about these changes and fixes, checkout the latest Release Notes available at Microsoft site.



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