Microsoft released a new build to the Office Insiders for Windows who are in the Beta channel (version 2007). The latest build 13029.20006 adds a number of new features that will allow you to create new polls in email and search for conference rooms quickly.


To know more about the features of Outlook for Windows, as part of the new Office Insiders Beta Build 16.0.13029.20006, continue reading further.


Office Insiders Beta Channel Build 13029.20006 adds a number of new features to Outlook for Windows


  • Microsoft released Office Insiders Build 13029.20006 to the Beta Channel.
  • You can now quickly create Polls in Outlook if you are using Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • It is now easy to search for meeting rooms by selecting various parameters from the Room Finder.
  • Microsoft also made it easy for you to create recurring meetings with multiple meeting rooms.


If you are using Microsoft 365 subscription, and running the latest Beta build of Office Insiders build 16.0.13029.20006, you can now easily create polls, collect votes, and view results within the Outlook email interface.


To create a new poll, click the New Message button. Then from the Insert tab, click Poll. Fill out the quick poll form, and when you are done, click Insert poll into the email button.


Office Insiders with Beta Channel Build 13029.20006 can now quickly create Polls in Outlook for Windows


A new link will be added to your email that you are composing. But when the receipients within your organization open the message, it will appear as an inline poll as shown in the above screenshot.


With the latest Beta build, you can now search for rooms with specific characteristics that are needed for your meeting. You can filter for rooms based on your group size, the features you require, and the floor it is located on under the Capacity, Features, and Floor sections.


Office Insiders with Beta Channel Build 13029.20006 can now make it easy to easily book meeting rooms in Outlook for Windows


With this build, Microsoft also simplifying the process of creating recurring meetings. It will now show when a meeting room is free for your entire series. If no room is available for the entire duration of the series, it will show the rooms that are available most of the time.


When a meeting is set for different geolocation, you can now book multiple rooms for a meeting. To try it, go to the Room Finder, and search by city, then add the rooms that you need for the meeting.



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