Microsoft Teams getting many new features these days and becoming one of the popular business communication platforms. It is also getting deep integration to the Windows 10 operating system. With this effort, Microsoft is now allowing you to change the desktop notification style of Microsoft Teams.


If you are not liking the default purple notification style of Microsoft Teams, here's how you can change it to native Windows 10 style notifications.



Microsoft Teams received Windows 10 native notification support


When you enable Windows 10's native notifications, Microsoft Teams notifications will be delivered through the Windows notification center. This will adhere to your device's Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings and move to the Action Center if you miss the notifications.


How to change the Microsoft Teams notification style?

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams and select your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings > Notifications to open notification settings.
  3. Under the Appearance and Sound > Notification style, select Windows from the dropdown menu.


Please note that the Windows 10 native notification support for Microsoft Teams is currently available as part of the public preview program. Once this feature gets tested by the insiders, Microsoft will roll out it for all users.


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