Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for advanced users to tune and streamline their Windows 10 experience with a set of new productivity features. A new update to PowerToys for Windows 10 is now available. The latest build version 0.33.1 adds a bunch of new features and fixes to PowerToys.


The company said that the goal of PowerToys 0.33 release cycle is to add some "critical new functionality" to the new user experience in addition to a plug-in manager for PowerToys Run.


PowerToys 0.33.1 comes with first load experience, improvements to FancyZones, File Explorer and more


The key new feature under the General category section of the new PowerToys v0.33.1 release is the "First time load" experience. The new experience is aimed to provide users a quick, and light way to learn about the various functionalities of the PowerToys suite. Under the section, Microsoft also provided fixes to Localization, and updated overview links to be language agnostic to the docs site.


Based on the feedback, Microsoft adjusted the editor UX of FancyZones. They have also added new options to change the zone activation algorithm in this release.


The File Explorer brings an improved preview pane for SVG images. The PowerToys Run also adds several improvements. You can now find the Plugin Manager on the settings page, include items in general search, and change the action key. You can also find improved support for additional window managers by abstracting out the shell process calls.



Microsoft said that the ~ key will now act as the user home directory in the folder plugin screen, and the service plugin has adjusted status messages.


With the Video Conference Mute experimental feature, you can now adjust video muting to leverage DirectShow. Microsoft is going to have a 0.34 experimental release in the week of March 8th.


PowerToys version 0.33.1 can be downloaded by navigating to the official page. Alternatively, you can directly download it from here. Those who are already using PowerToys for Windows can open the PowerToys settings, and check for updates.


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