Windows 11 Build 22499 is now rolling out from the active development branch to the Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev Channel. The latest preview build adds a new feature for the Microsoft Teams users, and you will really love it.


The latest update is rolling out as "Windows 11 Insider Preview 22499 (rs_prerelease)". If you are running a Windows 11 supported device in the Dev Channel, can get it through the Windows Update.


Windows 11 Build 22499 adds a new feature; and you will love it


Quickly share open app windows directly from your taskbar to a Microsoft Teams call

Last week, Microsoft released Windows 11 Insiders Preview Build 22494 in the Dev Channel, which added a new mute/unmute feature to the taskbar.


With the latest Windows 11 Insiders Preview Build 22499, Microsoft added another new feature for Microsoft Teams user. The latest build adds the ability to quickly share an open app window on the taskbar with Microsoft Teams calls. This works directly from the taskbar and eliminates the requirement to manually share it by opening the Microsoft Teams call.



We are beginning to roll out the ability to quickly share the content from open app windows directly from your taskbar to your meeting calls starting with Microsoft Teams, says Microsoft.


If you want no interruptions to your meeting attendees while sharing screen in a Microsoft Teams call, this feature will add value to it. When you are in a meeting call through Microsoft Teams, simply hover over the apps running on your taskbar and you will see a new button that allows you to share your window with your meeting attendees.



When you are done sharing your content, hover over the window again and click Stop Sharing or choose another window and click Share this Window.


If you’re presenting a full screen presentation in PowerPoint, simply move your mouse to the bottom and your taskbar will pop up for you to share or stop sharing the presentation without interruption to your attendees.


We are beginning to roll this experience out to a subset of Windows Insiders with Microsoft Teams for work or school installed and ramp it up over time. This means not everyone will see this right away with their Teams calls. We plan to bring this to Chat from Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams for home) later, Microsoft said in the announcement post.


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