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📢 5 upcoming features on WhatsApp platform

WhatsApp beta is currently rolling out with some new features to a select set of users. Here we will discuss about those upcoming features. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Meta-owned WhatsApp is continuously improving the user experience and security of the popular messaging app. In this effort, the company is developing and testing some new features for the future version(s) of the application, which is being rolled out to a set of WhatsApp beta testers at this moment.


Here we will be discussing the upcoming 5 new features of WhatsApp. Continue reading further.


5 upcoming features on WhatsApp platform

In case you missed, recently WhatsApp introduced Call Links feature for Audio and Video calls.


1. Edit messages after sending

At this moment, WhatsApp doesn't allow you to edit a message once you hit the send button. In the upcoming release, Meta owned WhatsApp to add this feature which will provide you a 15 minutes timespan to edit a sent message. This is a high-demanding feature request from the users and will help people to correct a message instead of deleting and composing it again. The edited messages will display an "edited" label in the chat bubble to let the other end know that the message was edited.



2. Document sharing with a caption

Till now users are allowed to add a caption to images, and videos sent through WhatsApp. Now the company is working to add a caption to sent documents as well. It will allow users to search for a particular document that they have sent or received in the chat window.



3. Screenshot blocking for "View Once" media

The future version of WhatsApp will block users from taking screenshots of any media that was sent with "View Once" permission. It was a long-awaited feature for the WhatsApp community to have enhanced security and user privacy.



4. Premium subscription for Business account

WhatsApp Business will soon provide a new premium subscription. Though it is not for end users, business users can use this to gain access to premium capabilities for expanded reach and enhanced connectivity. Currently selected iOS and Android beta users are having access to this feature.



5. Higher participants limit for Groups

If you are a WhatsApp group admin, you can soon add up to 1024 members to your group. Currently, it is limited to only 512 people. A select set of beta users running iOS and Android have this capability at this moment. Soon it will be rolled out to all users.


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