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The year 1917 during World War - I, marked the introduction of self-piloting aerial vehicles that were successful on battlefields. Centuries later, it has undergone a series of advanced improvements and led to the rise in modern drones for even civilians. However, the increase in the number of drones among civilians, and advanced technology have radically revolutionized a lot of operations.


Let's take a walk through some of these changes to learn more.


Drone Technology and Urban Lifestyle: What Could It Lead to?
Drone Technology and Urban Lifestyle


What are drones used for now?

First, It'll not come as a surprise that drones have taken over some operations in the agricultural field, construction industries, and health field just to mention a few.


If you take a quick look at what drones use currently are, you'll end up with the categories below:



  • Marketing: The ability to scale heights has accorded pilots great shots and videos that could only be shot with the aid of helicopters. These outstanding videos and images offer a unique opportunity for various industries to showcase their facility and market their products.
  • Modern agriculture: The old usage of tractors to spray a vast field of land has been replaced with more precise aerial vehicles. Moreover, this comes in handy in providing crucial data that alerts farmers on the quantity of fertilizer to use and crops' health.
  • Inspections: The integration of thermal cameras has been utilized by commercial solar power plants to check heat spots and identify faulty solar panels. Besides, skyscraper inspection has been made easier through the use of these aerial vehicles.
  • Delivery: In early times, helicopters provided great assistance in accessing inaccessible places. This has been taken over by drones. Similarly, urban drones are slowly substituting vehicles by offering swift delivery in the cities.
  • Fire fighting: This arising trend that's currently being used especially in areas that cannot be easily accessed. It's also useful in scanning areas for the extent of fire and survivors.
  • Construction: Currently, aerial images and bird views have been greatly utilized by construction experts to monitor projects and survey sites. Furthermore, drones can also perform advanced painting on tall buildings.



Drones are going to require quite a radical rethink of the urban space

Drone Technology and Urban Lifestyle: What Could It Lead to?


The current number of registered drones stands at 865,505 according to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The rise in the number with the majority being urban drones requires a need for an efficient system to manage their operation. Run your eyes below to learn some of these operations and their implications.


First, the introduction of urban drone delivery and the push for autonomous cars will lead to the need for improved construction. The building will have to include landing bays and charging points to efficiently cutters for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).



Secondly, the formal access to the building through the doors will change and hasten the need for advanced security. This will be so because autonomous aerial taxis can access buildings from the rooftop or even balcony.


Lastly, rooftops of buildings will have a design that's more captivating as they'll be more visible from the sky.


Public Perception Problem

Already there's prevalent fear that people are always being watched and their sensitive data taken. This is one of the main negative views of drones by the public as more people feel they can access their personal space.


Similarly, there's fear that the equipment may be prone to hijack and used to commit crimes by criminals. Lastly, there's a fear of accidents like crashing or dropping packages due to their failure. This calls for the creation of public awareness for this new invention to be smoothly accepted.



Six Incredible Ways Drones Will Shape Your Future?

Drone Technology and Urban Lifestyle: What Could It Lead to?


There's been a rapid increase in the use of aerial vehicles in most industries. This adoption and advancement in technology to increase drone capacity will shape the future as discussed below:



  1. Advanced inspection: with advanced technologies like thermal cameras industries like solar power plants will easily detect deficient equipment. Moreover, tall structures can also be efficiently inspected for the presence of cracks and rust. Lastly, petroleum plants will minimize catastrophes due to leakages because such flaws will be swiftly detected by drones. Furthermore, this will greatly increase safety due to the elimination of things like scaffolding that might come with other risks to experts.
  2. Quick supply of relief products: The drones can easily access remote areas or those that are inaccessible due to the plague of diseases or wars. This will increase swiftness in rescuing affected people as well as the supply of necessities.
  3. Advanced and precision in agriculture: The UAV through the use of hi-tech cameras and sensors can easily map farm fields and give accurate data. This can help farmers assess crop health in good time and also know the exact amount of fertilizers and drugs to spray. Similarly, the substitution of tractors for spraying will also aid in reducing pollution.
  4. Drones in marketing: The UAV has given most pilot's ability to take incredible videos and shots. This will be popularly used in the future by industries marketing their projects and showing their facilities like institutions, construction industries, tourism sectors, and many more.
  5. Safeguarding conservations: Drones have offered incredible help in the surveillance of conserved areas and resources. In the future, they'll use UAVs to monitor conservations and provide detailed data that can be useful in successful decision-making and improvement of conversations.
  6. Reporting of atrocity: With drones available in the hands of civilians, a lot of atrocities like police brutality during riots we'll be successfully captured.




Drones are here to stay and will soon form a normal part of our lives. The best way to fully utilize this emerging field is through the consultation of drone specialists who'll advise you on the latest technologies that will put you ahead.


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